Php pdo prepared statements select insert update queries

Hi guys in last tutorial we was discuss on PDO query statements such as SELECT Query, INSERT Query, UPDATE Query and DELETE Query like that in this tutorial we will discuss on how to execute all PDO queries with prepared statements. Note : For PDO connection file click here. What is prepared Statements A prepared […]

php pdo queries statements select insert update delete

In last tutorial we discuss about PDO and how to create PDO connection file. In this tutorial i am going to teach you how to write down PDO query statements such as SELECT Single Row And Multiple Rows, INSERT, UPDATE Query And DELETE etc. SELECT QUERY USING PHP PDO Select table data into associate array […]

Php pdo database connection

Before working with database you should create connection with database other wise your queries will be not work or fail, if you are using mysql database there are 3 type of connection we can create: 1. Using mysql Database Connection in PHP 2. Using mysqli database connection in php 3. PDO (PHP Data Object) So […]

What Is A Landing Page Why It’s Important

What is landing page “Call it a PPC, an online advertisement, or a search engine result link, but when a user clicks on an ad or a link and visit or lands on a particular web page, it is known as a landing page.” A landing page is the focal point for conversion. This is […]

WordPress Websites Are SEO Friendly Or Not

WordPress is one of the most widely use Content Management System (CMS), lots of websites running on this platform. behind this most of reasons there, very popular CMS, easy to use, we can create each and every type of websites. The user friendly nature and its fluctuation are some of the main reason why WordPress […]

Improve Website Ranking Using Social Media

Did you know Digital marketers consider social media as the best way for SEO strategies, why? Also, does Social Media really influence in optimizing SEO rankings? What Is Social Media? Social media is a websites, applications and platform that allow users to interact with each other, share, and learn through the social networks. Today social […]

Selecting data from more than 2 tables or three tables using mysql joining

Here i am writing mysql joining query for fetching data from three tables, Some time we looking for fetch data from more then one or two tables separately for that some developer using nested queries means query inside query but this is not right way to do this. Here i taking three different name of […]

Enabling GZIP compression using htaccess

Enabling GZIP compression can help you reduce the size of your webpage, which can reduce the amount of time to download the resource of webpage, reduce data usage for the client and improve webpage speed. What is GZIP Compression? GZIP simply is a file format and used for file compression and decompression. GZIP compression is […]

How to increase website speed

Today website speed required more than ever before! As average internet connection speeds increasing every day around the world, web users are looking for fast load websites, they don’t want to wait for a second. At the same time, Google has stated give more priority to fast websites with higher positions in the natural search […]

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