Beautiful Subscribe Form With JavaScript Validation

Hi guys today i am writing about subscribe form, 90% of websites using subscribe form this feature use for user get weekly or monthly updated with latest post or whats new. You have visit most of websites out of that some websites show you popup ans some give you option enter your email get weekly […]

Delete an element from an array in php

Some time ago during a job interview I got the task to Delete an element from an array in php. Is there an easy way to delete an element from a PHP array, If you want to delete just one array element you can use unset() or alternative array_splice(). <?php $array = array(0 => “a”, […]

Print string in reverse order in php

Some time ago during a job interview I got the task to print a string in reverse order in PHP. Here i am writing program for print string in revers order using strrev() function. <?php $str = ‘This is string Print In Revers Order’; echo strrev(str); ?> Print string in revers order without using strrev() […]


Crypto Currency

PHPKIDA provides free online the best real-time crypto market price, news, predictions, index with graphs & historical data for 2000+ coins including bitcoin, ethereum, & altcoins from major cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Icon Generator

PHPKIDA provides free online icon generator. Our icon generator help you to edit, modify, resize and customize icon for your website and applications. Convert to a shap you like add icon border, you can change icon border color, border size, background color, icon shadow, icons color, icon size in your own way and save it as a png image.

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Youtube Video Downloader

PHPKIDA provides Free online YouTube video downloader to download YouTube videos quickly in MP4, 3GP, and more. Search your video and free fast download youtube videos.

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