How to add post from frontend in wordpress without plugin

If you’re looking to add new posts from front end without using any plugin into the WordPress and allow your visitors a way to submit some kind of content of their own, then here’s a way you can create a new post form and display it on a custom page template. Today, we are going […]

CSS Star Rating System Example Free Download

Here we are showing you how to create simple CSS star rating system. This is pure CSS solution to create a simple five star rating widget using Html radio inputs and CSS3. Star ratings are one of those classic UX patterns that everyone has tinkered with at one time or another. I had an idea […]

How to Debug Code in PHP

Hi guys today we are going to teach you how can we simply Debug php code, for every developer this is very important and accessory process while you writing php code or developing any kind of projects. What is debugging? Debugging is a simple process to find and reduce number of errors in your code. […]

Simple social sharing buttons with counter

In this tutorial we are sharing simple best social sharing buttons with show counter of facebook and linkedin using jquery which are used to share posts and or display total fans in the sidebar widget with counter. Displaying social counter on certain parts of the website. If you want to add social counter on website […]

How to import excel into sql using php script free download

You it’s very is to import excel file into mysqli database using UI (User Interface) but some time you have need to upload excel files import into SQl database using php. If you are looking for how to import excel file into mysql this tutorial recommended to you, in this article i will show you […]

How to send mail using php mailer with attachment

There are default PHP mail() function is available to send simple mail, html mail and you can also send attachment with mail but some time that functionality is not working properly or mail functionality disable from server side. In that case we can use Phpmailer libraries to send mails. Its veri simple not that much […]

Simple Mobile Navigation Free Download

No doubt each and every website have mobile version of websites, so here i am introducing a very simple mobile navigation bar. This is very simple css and jquery light weight plugin of mobile responsive. HTML Code mobile responsive navigation bar <button id=”responsive-menu-button” class=”responsive-menu-button responsive-menu-boring responsive-menu-accessible” type=”button” aria-label=”Menu”> <span class=”responsive-menu-box”> <span class=”responsive-menu-inner”></span> </span></button> <div id=”responsive-menu-container” […]

Add to cart in php

Today lots of online shopping cart solutions or tools are available to create E-commerce websites, but most of websites or tools cannot be managed without shopping cart. Almost all Famous E-commerce tools like Magento, OpenCart , osCommerce, WooCommerce etc have most of their powerful from their different shapes of shopping carts. In this tutorial, we […]

Detect Mobile Devices PHP Code

These days, all most web developers understand the need to optimize or responsive website for mobile devices. Usually we can do easily implementation of responsive CSS to create a great browsing experience for users of every screen size. Most of big web projects have a desktop site version as well as mobile or tablet site […]


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