7 Types of Marketing Techniques to Enhance Your Business

7 Types of Marketing Techniques to Enhance Your Business

According to Forbes, it is best to create marketing messages relevant to the purchasing specifications of your customer. However, deciding the right place to devote your time and money can be tricky. With these seven tips, you are guaranteed newfound success in your business.

1. Oral Marketing

Constructive consumer reviews are a powerful way to enhance your business. The importance of getting recommendations from an unbiased third party cannot be overlooked. Research from Forbes shows that people trust the reviews from their friends and kin more than any other advertisements. If existing customers spread good feedback for your business, you will likely win new clients. One way of getting good feedback is by requesting satisfied clients to leave a good review on online markets such as Google and Amazon. Although oral marketing guarantees new clients, it is very slow and thus cannot solely rely on it.

2. Public Relations Marketing

Public relations marketing is the advanced form of word-of-mouth marketing and is very important. Partnering with press articles and earned media builds your reputation and lets you tap into their massive following. You can promote your business through influencers and bloggers who have a bigger outreach than the average person.

Depending on your preference, choose either B2B, where you have mutual marketing, or B2C influencer agreements that are contract-based. In addition, you can also be creative and perform stunts that create a buzz and earn you a wider outreach. Nonetheless, ensure that you partner with an influencer who fits your intended audience and be exercise caution when doing stunts to prevent ruining your business’ reputation.

3. Content Marketing

Here you upload content on search engines and social media to entice new users to buy your products or services. Content is key to your online exposure. Therefore, you can increase your exposure by paying for advertisements. Come up with content such as whiteboard videos that suit and captivates your intended audience’s interests. It is also helpful for increasing your sales team efficiency by growing your business and answering all customer inquiries. Also, ensure you create content that is search engine optimized to rank higher in search engines.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing entails acquiring an interested potential client’s email address. You can win these clients by sorting and grouping them based on their product preferences and sending them emails when appropriate. Keep in mind that spamming emails to users who did not agree to receive emails from you might damage your business. You should also avoid buying email lists since it is illegal. Take your time when writing emails to avoid grammatical errors that create a sense of unprofessionalism.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing guarantees you greater reach and online presence because there are billions of people using it. Furthermore, it is cheap to market and gives you control over your posts. There is a wide target audience that encompasses people of all age groups. Ensure that you post authentic and relevant content to build your brand and earn your clients’ trust. Always communicate with your clients for customer support on any queries.

6. Cold Calling

Often, cold calling is perceived as an old-fashioned marketing method. Despite this, cold calling is effective, especially for small businesses, because of humans’ nature to buy from people they approve. You can choose whether to call or sell from house to house.

7. Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click is one of the emerging and common forms of marketing. It is an excellent method to market because of its high success in attracting new customers despite being quite expensive. Here, you are charged for every click on your ads. It is highly effective since it is promoted by reputable companies such as Google. To achieve higher success, always include a call to action in your ads and place it in an ideal position.


Several marketing techniques are low budget and guarantee you success in your business. By employing the techniques mentioned above, you will convert potential customers into loyal customers. It is recommendable to reinvest the profits made after marketing your business in further marketing for growth.

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