8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Developer

8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Developer

The web developer profession is one of the most sought-after professions today. Everyone needs a website, and the demand is only going up. However, there are many freelancers and web developing professional companies to choose from. The most significant danger for your business is picking a developer not fit to do the job you are asking for. You will waste a lot of time and resources and, in the end, get a lousy website. Here are eight critical questions to ask before hiring a web developer to prevent that from happening.

1. May I see your portfolio?

An experienced web developer will have a diverse portfolio. You must ask to see it, and there is nothing wrong with that. When looking for web solutions for your business, you want the best of the best.

Another reason to ask for the portfolio is to see the developer’s style of work. Your website might need unique functionalities, so it is best to check if the developer can deliver or not.

Keep in mind that you could find a good developer who does not have a long portfolio. That could be a cheaper option. You could get a website for less money if they are just starting. While you can find a good developer this way, you will have to risk it a little bit because you are giving away your trust before seeing what the person can do. Considering the fact that web development is a responsible job and a crucial aspect of your future business, we suggest you weigh your options.

2. What platform will you use to build my website?

There’s no doubt that WP is the top platform for businesses of different types, niches, and industries. It is the most suitable one for your business because it allows you to have complete control over your website without knowing a single line of code. At least, that’s why a significant portion of websites nowadays use WordPress.

platform will you use to build my website

It is entirely viable to get a website not built on WordPress. But, you won’t be able to manage it independently if needed. Check with the web developer if they can make you a customized WordPress website.

3. Are you offering any other services?

When starting a new website, you need more than a web developer. It would help if you had someone who could write code, do web design, manage SEO audits, etc.

While you can find multiple people to cover all the necessary areas, it is better if one person can cover everything. But, you don’t want to find a know-it-all who cannot maintain quality. Ask the developer what services they offer besides web development.

4. How will you do the research for my website?

Every business is different. Every website needs to match the business’s tone and nature. You don’t want a generic website – you need a personalized experience.

Speak with the developer and ask how they plan to do the research for your business. If you have any suggestions, you can let them know. Offering materials and sources to the web developer is perfectly fine.

5. Is there anything you need from me?

Developers tend to work on their own. However, they will need some information from you. Before you ask this question, make sure you precisely know what you want from your website.

Furthermore, it is crucial to be flexible. The developer will probably have some suggestions about making the website better. It would be best to listen with great care because they know what they are doing.

Lines of programming code, and a padlock symbolizing website security.

Special note: it is essential to be available if the developer calls you.

6. How many revisions do you offer?

One of the common mistakes people make is that they let a developer create the entire website, and they look at it and don’t like it. It is crucial to have constant communication with the developer and check the progress. Before you make a deal, agree on several checkpoints where you can review the website and give your feedback.

7. What is the ETA?

You absolutely must know the estimated time of delivery. Even if you are not in a rush, do not allow too many delays. However, you must understand that building a quality website takes time. Once you agree on delivery time, you should never rush the developer.

On average, it takes about 14 weeks to build a quality website. The developer will have to:

  • do the research;
  • design the website;
  • do modification;

That all takes time, so be patient. The goal is to get a quality website.

8. Will my website be secure and responsive?

Online security is the most crucial topic to discuss. You want a secure website because you need to protect your business and because you must also protect your customers.

Another sensitive topic is website responsiveness. Your website must be optimized for various platforms, like mobile and tablet. This is not a request – it is a must.

An e-commerce website shown on multiple devices.

This is why it is essential to hire a quality web developer. You want to find the right partner because you want to ensure they can deliver everything your website needs. With their help, your website will flourish – across all the available platforms.

A bonus question

Another very important topic of discussion is website maintenance. Some developers build a website, and that’s it. You are on your own. You want a developer who can continue to service your website and make changes when needed. Even though you can manage the website on your own if it’s built on WordPress, you still want a professional by your side.

Google updates happen often, and they change the SEO game. Also, WordPress does updates, and there might be a need to change the code a little bit. When you are discussing additional services of the web developer, make sure to mention web maintenance.

These questions to ask before hiring a web developer will make your life easierDo not limit yourself to these questions only. If you have any other questions on your mind, be sure to ask them. But, our checklist of the questions to ask before hiring a web developer is a must. Getting answers to these questions will make your life easier. Whatever you do, make sure to get answers to all of your questions before making a deal.

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