Apple & Samsung dominate top-selling smartphones for 2019

Apple & Samsung dominate top-selling smartphones for 2019

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would agree that from the last couple of years – the world’s top-selling smartphone vendors include Apple, Huawei and Samsung Galaxy. It would be a clichéd statement that in the year 2019, Apple and Galaxy dictated the tempo of the smartphone market and proudly made their way to the list of best-selling smartphone models. Nearly every best selling smartphone in 2019 was either an iPhone or Galaxy, rest included a few from Huawei and Oppo.

So far we claim that people sure love the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy variants. Let us walk you through a new study by market research firm Counterpoint Research, the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy lines of smartphones were the top-selling devices of 2019.

iPhone – dialing up the hegemony

Apple crowded out in the list of top 10 smartphones from the global market share and occupied six spots. Samsung Galaxy landed as the second most selling brand with a rundown of three smartphones and the Oppo was also part of this whooping competition and stood at the 5th place.

The iPhone XR had a clear lead, the off the chart smartphone of the year with a 3 percent of all phones sold around the globe. Apple’s latest September launch iPhone 11, was next in the lane with a 2.1 percent market share. Samsung Galaxy A50 was the top-selling Android phone with 1.8 percent share and placed at the third spot globally. Just when we explain the stats to have a clear idea of which phone dominated the other; you can grab a smartphone of your choice and that would be your smart switch from old device to the new one.

Samsung’s Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A10 balanced the following spots as the third and fourth smash hit phones of 2019, respectively.

Other than the two heavy hitters – Apple and Galaxy; there was a notable exception too. A budget handset Oppo A5 was a single phone that took its place on number 5 on the list. This Chinese brand has paved the way and reached up to the mark of high-end smartphone models. The study also found that the Oppo A5 was the top-selling phone in China a year ago. Here is the 2019 Global Smartphone Top 10 Model Sales Market Share below:

Global Best-selling Smart Phones 2019

Top-selling smartphones by region 2019

If we further study and analyze the overall market share by regions, here is an exhibit of 5 best selling smartphones of 2019 region-wise. See the picture below. 

Apple excels in the North American region by hitting its dominance on all the five slots. The five best selling iPhones in North America in 2019 are iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 8, iPhone Pro Max and iPhone XS Max respectively. Apple owns two spots from Europe and one from Asia-Pacific regions.

Top-selling smartphones by region 2019

Samsung Galaxy took the lead in Europe with securing three positions out of five and the rest two were occupied by Apple. 

The Counterpart’s report also features how Huawei, the second-biggest cell phone maker in the world, has no smartphones in the top global list of smartphone shares. Indeed, even in China, where its cell phone models are generally mainstream, the Huawei P30 comes in just at fifth spot. 

As 5G keeps on turning out over the globe, it will be fascinating to check whether a specific smartphone phone brand can profit by the significant changes to the world of business and push the envelope with best of their capabilities. Wait and watch!!

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