Automatic Logout after 10 minutes of inactive in JavaScript

Automatic Logout after 10 minutes of inactive in JavaScript

If you want to destroy session if users are not doing any kind of activity on website. At that time after specific time users should automatically redirect on logout or index page.

How to redirect on logout page after 10 minutes of no activity? Here is solution for you just copy and past below code and enjoy.

Note: Change Variable value: redirectUrl = ‘Your redirect URL’;

(function() {
    const idleDurationSecs = 900;
    const redirectUrl = 'Redirect Page URL';
    let idleTimeout;

    const resetIdleTimeout = function() {
        if(idleTimeout) clearTimeout(idleTimeout);
        idleTimeout = setTimeout(() => location.href = redirectUrl, idleDurationSecs * 1000);
	// Key events for reset time
    window.onmousemove = resetIdleTimeout;
    window.onkeypress = resetIdleTimeout; = resetIdleTimeout;
    window.onclick = resetIdleTimeout;
    window.touchstart = resetIdleTimeout;
    window.onfocus = resetIdleTimeout;
    window.onchange = resetIdleTimeout;
    window.onmouseover = resetIdleTimeout;
    window.onmouseout = resetIdleTimeout;
    window.onmousemove = resetIdleTimeout;
    window.onmousedown = resetIdleTimeout;
    window.onmouseup = resetIdleTimeout;
    window.onkeypress = resetIdleTimeout;
    window.onkeydown = resetIdleTimeout;
    window.onkeyup = resetIdleTimeout;
    window.onsubmit = resetIdleTimeout;
    window.onreset = resetIdleTimeout;
    window.onselect = resetIdleTimeout;
    window.onscroll = resetIdleTimeout;

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