Best Construction Estimating Software Programs

Best Construction Estimating Software Programs

When it comes to providing services to consumers and clients, construction companies occupy a unique position. Small businesses must not only deliver on the final product but also create an accurate picture of the future. Estimation is crucial in the early phases of an idea’s inception and development.

Estimates aid construction companies in delivering a realistic prediction of how and when a new project will be completed. Estimating software saves time and money because manual estimations are time-consuming and laborious.

Fortunately, the construction sector has no shortage of estimating software. In this guide, we’ll share our picks for the best tools to make estimating for your company a breeze.

Best Estimation Software for Construction Projects: 

However, construction estimate software is now freely accessible. The majority of specialist solutions are reasonably priced, and some are even free to use up to a certain point. Other options provide customized pricing for enterprises with specific requirements.

Help you make an informed selection, we’ve limited the options to 10 that offer the most extensive capabilities for creating professional estimates.

1. Focusedq:

Focusedq ( is one of the best construction estimating software that will help you find out the costs for your construction. You can check out the estimated quotation for the flooring plumbing, pot-lights, outlets & plugs, wood farming engineered flooring, and many more. 

Products and services can be linked to any template with the help of focusedq and their technology. Customers can find all of your products in one place. 

With their product cards and quote templates, you can find out the exact estimated price for the construction service you want. 

Quote Templates are examples of completed projects that can be easily adapted for use in other contexts. Templates can be used to create a classic kitchen, complete with counters, cabinets, and door hardware (to name a few).

2. Freshbooks:

Small-business owners can do the following using FreshBooks: (

Monitor the progress of all estimates that have been released to clients to see when they’ve been seen and accepted.

Customers can easily convert an active estimate into an invoice.

When a potential client leaves input on an estimate, respond to it.

Before you provide any estimates, quotations, or charges, review them.

Individual estimates can be given discounts or special incentives.

Create and submit estimates from any location with ease because of the app’s flexibility and ease of use.

Each estimate should be personalized with a distinct or personal brand.

Estimating software that is easy to use, adaptable, and innovative is essential for construction professionals. FreshBooks has all of these features and more.

3. Stack: 

Building firms of any size can use STACK (, a software program for estimating and taking off construction projects. The capacity to calculate the number of materials required to accomplish a project is known as “construction takeoff.” In addition to cloud-based alternatives for completing and sending fresh estimates, STACK users benefit from this capability.

Other construction companies and clients are also served by STACK. Subcontractors, general contractors, home builders, and suppliers all fall under one umbrella. So many metrics can be analyzed with this software, making it an excellent option.

4. Proest: 

One of the most popular estimating and cloud-based takeoff software systems in the construction industry is ProEST ( Project management is at the core of this application. Therefore, ProEST provides a wide range of adaptable and robust integrations to streamline the entire business cycle.

Business owners can also take advantage of ProEST’s library of construction estimating resources, which is available for free to ProEST customers. For example, ProEST encourages its customers to realize how well-executed estimation strategies may impact and affect the direction of a whole business model.

5. Esticom:

Cloud-based construction takeoff and estimating software Esticom ( joins the list. The features of Esticom promote the availability of business KPIs in real-time and an up-to-date view of new bids or projects. Since both paper business plans and laborious Excel spreadsheets can stifle productivity, the focus is on eliminating their use.

Construction contractors of all stripes, as well as small businesses, are catered to by Esticom. This group includes painters, HVAC specialists, electricians, and plumbers are all included in this group.

6. Builder Trend:

Software for estimating home construction costs is available from Builder Trend ( These professionals need to know the square footage and age of a property regarding demolition and structural modifications when working on construction projects.

The estimating program can be found in Builder Trend’s pre-sale package. These technologies allow customers to manage leads, bid on new house projects, and participate in business collaborations in a matter of minutes.

7. Contractor Foreman

Construction project management software for small businesses can now be as simple as using Contractor Foreman ( After a 30-day free trial, Contractor Foreman offers options starting at $49/month (a lower amount than most comparable services).

Create and deliver professional estimates using this platform’s more than 30 features and connectors. Using this software for the first time is a breeze thanks to a well-documented knowledge base and friendly customer service.

8. Projul: 

To make the building industry simpler, Projul ( is a software startup. Small enterprises and companies with less than 50 employees are targeted by the platform and user experience.

Users can quickly and accurately create project proposals and save time by copying and duplicating. With the help of Projul, businesses are able to disguise markup prices from potential clients and customers alike.

9. Clear Estimates:

You can use Clear Estimates ( if you’re seeking a platform that simply focuses on estimates (rather than a big list of additional features). It’s also an affordable option for small contractors, with rates starting at $59/month without a contract.

Clear Estimates uses data from RemodelMAX to produce supply and material costs according to on geographic location, which is a significant advantage. Customers can get the most precise quote based on their location thanks to the large range of readily available data.

10. Sage Estimating: 

Construction companies can enhance their bid-to-win ratio by using Sage Estimating (, a software platform. Artificial intelligence and industry data are used to provide the most accurate pre-construction estimations. Additionally, clients are given additional information and clarity regarding a certain requirements due to this.

Vendor selection, subcontractor quotations, purchase orders, and cost tracking are all included in the software’s Sage Estimating feature set as well. Users can combine this information with estimates to get a complete picture of the entire process.

11. Sim pro:

Using a cloud-based solution, SimPRO ( provides stability, flexibility, and ease of use. As a result of the integrated estimating tools, firms may generate precise quotes and offer these directly to prospective customers.

If your firm relies on field workers, then SimPRO is your software. With SimPRO’s mobile capabilities, staff can provide quick and precise estimates to potential clients on the go. A more traditional estimation approach that relies on human computations and back-and-forth communication has a time lag that is eliminated by this flexibility.

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