Html comments how to write comment into html

Html comments how to write comment into html Definition of Comments and Uses Comments are piece of code which is ignored by any web browser. It’s good habit to write a comment into a complex source code to help and improve user readability and understands. HTML Comment lines are indicated by the special tag <!– […]

Html heading tags

Html heading tags Definition Headings and Use <h1> to <h6> Any documents starts with a heading part. You can use different sizes for headings. HTML also have six levels of headings, which use the elements <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, and <h6>.HTML heading tag is used for specifying heading level. There are 6 levels of […]

Html meta tags and description

Html meta tags and description Description of Meta Tags HTML lets you specify metadata – information about a document rather than document content -in a variety of ways. The META element can be used to include name/value pairs describing properties of the HTML document, such as author, Expiry Date, a list of key words, author […]

Html attributes description

About HTML Attributes Attributes are another important part of HTML markup. An attribute is used to define the characteristics of an element and is placed inside the element’s opening tag. All attributes are made up of two parts: a name and a value: The name is the property you want to set. For example, the […]

What is html and basics of html

What is an HTML File? HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. An HTML file is a text file containing small markup tags. The markup tags tell the Web browser how to display the page. An HTML file must have an htm or html file extension. An HTML file can be created using any simple […]

html body section

Definition Of HTML Body Section HTML Body section is a main section of web page all contain that will be seen when the user loads the webpage. HTML Body Is the middle part of file, in this section we define all text and elements which is to displayed on web page. HTML body section supported […]

html head section

Definition of HTML Head Section HTML <head> tag is a Container Tag. All Header element contains like general information about web page, meta-information, Title of page, style sheet URL, Script URL and document type information etc. HTML <head> tag inside elements does not display in body part on web browser. HTML <head> tag inside Elements […]

Introduction of HTML and what is HTML and why use to HTML

In this article we will discuss on Introduction of HTML and what is HTML and why use to HTML. What is HTML? HTML is a Hiper Text Markup Language. HTML is a language made for creating the web pages for the websites. By using HTML language the even a child can make his web pages […]

Javascript code for validate radio button

Javascript code for validate radio button <html> <head> <script> function Submit(){ if(document.form.radiobutton[0].checked == false && document.form.radiobutton[1].checked == false){ document.getElementById(“errorBox”).innerHTML = “select your gender”; return false; } } </script> </head> <body> <form name=”form” > <input type=”radio” name=”radiobutton” value=”Female”> <label >Female</label> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <input type=”radio” name=”radiobutton” value=”Male”> <label >Male</label> <div> <p id=”sign_user” onClick=”Submit()”>Sign Up </p> </div> </form>

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