How To Create a Modal Popup With CSS and JavaScript

In this tutorial we will show you how to create a simple modal with CSS and JavaScript in simple way. We can use modal popups in our website for newsletter signups, displaying notifications/alerts, get a quote and handling register and login forms. HTML Code For Model Box Here is html code for popup. <!– The […]

Get Latitude Longitude from Address

In this tutorial i will show you how to convert address into Latitude Longitude using google map API. Get Latitude Longitude is a very simple you can search for any address and find latitude and longitude. Here i am create a simple text box for enter address and click on button your Latitude Longitude will […]

cookie policy popup

In this tutorial we are showing how to show cookie policy popup on website to visitors. This is very simple and clean code for cookie policy popup jut copy below code past into your webpage or inside footer file and save it. javascript code for cookie policy popup <script> function setCookie(cname, cvalue, exdays) { var […]

How to make a sticky sidebar on scroll

Today here i am showing very simple five lines code using that code you can create your own sticky side while any one scrolling page up and down of your website. If you want make the right sidebar fixed and go up when you scroll down over your right sidebar and the sidebar will go […]

How to get the value of HTML tag using JS

Most of time we are need get the text value of a particular HTML tag, here i am writing a very simple code to get the value of any HTML tag using JS, just you have to define class of HTML tag. Get value of HTML tag Using Class <h1 class=”pageTitle”>This is the page title</h1> […]

JavaScript timer countdown days hours minutes seconds

Today we are going to tell you how we can make JavaScript countdown timers in simple way, which makes timer day hour minute seconds count one by one. This is built using full javascript and css short and sweet. You can use it on your webpage, like on the Coming Soon page, to show special […]

JavaScript validation on image field

Here we are implementing Validation of image extension before uploading file Using JavaScript. Goal of this tutorial to first validate the upload file is an image and if it is an image I will upload it otherwise fail to upload and show the error. HTML code for image uploading <input type=”file” name=”imagefile” id=”imagefile” onchange=”return ValidateFileUpload()” […]

html5 video tag Complete Guide

Basically in this tutorial we are explaining all kind of thing about html5 video tag. I came up with this idea and it works perfectly for me so i thought i share with you may be it will help of you. So basically we want to get tour of the HTML5 video tag how to […]

Getting The Screen Resolution Using JavaScript

Most of developers struggle with the same problem when developing project how to get visitors system resolution and according to resolution set some default css, JavaScript code and show different different images for different different screen resolution. So don’t worry here is solution of this problem we can easily do it using Couple of lines […]

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