How to create textbox in html dynamically using javascript

If you want to generate or add dynamically textbox or any other html element using by JavaScript so this post is only for you. Here we are introducing simple JavaScript code for generate dynamically HTML element. HTML CODE <div style=”text-align:center;”>     <input type=”hidden” value=”1″ id=”TextBoxValue” />     <input type=”button” onclick=”AddDynamicTextBox()” value=”Add Pharmacist” /> </div> <div […]

how to disable right click using JavaScript

you Want to protect your source code? Using this code will prevent the vast majority of users from right-clicking over a page and choosing “View source”, or right-clicking over an image and saving it. Some times there might be the requirement to disable the pop up menu on click of right button. Programmers may need […]

how to get exact browser name and version

Get browser name and version using javascript With the help of JavaScript we can determine exact browser name and its version. The JavaScript object “navigator.userAgent” contains the complete information of a browser like CodeName, Name, Version etc. With the help of regular expressions we can extract the information that we need. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> […]

Add Remove Classes Using Javascript

Adding and removing classes has to be one of the most common tasks when it comes to JavaScript and DOM manipulation. A user clicks the close button? Add the hidden class to that modal. Here i am explaining very simple ways to perform common tasks like adding and removing classes. Enter classList, a JavaScript property […]

How to get class name through JavaScript

Here i am explaining how to get class name through JavaScript using id and u can also change class name. How do get the class name through JavaScript given no id with this span. Like: This is a simple span, here i am getting class name using id of span. var className=document.getElementById(“xyz”).className; if(className==”xyz”) { alert(className); […]

how to add css class using javascript

If you are trying to add css class using JavaScript this is tutorial only for you, Here i am explaining how to add css class using JavaScript. The standard JavaScript way to first select an element is using document.getElementById(“Id”), just follow below example use: To change all classes for an element: To replace all existing […]

How Get the value of checked checkbox

Using JavaScript how to get the value of whatever checkbox is currently checked. A check box in a form has only two states (checked or un-checked) and is independent of the state of other check boxes in the form, where radio buttons which can be grouped together under a common name. Let us look at […]

Simple jQuery Popup Window registration form On Page load

A simple and easy jQuery plugin that automatically opens a dialog pop-up registration form with cool transition effect when the web page loads. Here I will explain how to open or show jQuery registration form popup window on page load with example or Get jQuery modal popup box to appear on page load. Simple jQuery […]

complete user registration form validation using java script with example

It is important to validate the form submitted by the user because it can have inappropriate values. So validation is must. The JavaScript provides facility to us validate or apply validation form at the client side so processing will be fast than server-side validation. So, most of the web developers prefer JavaScript form validation. Through […]

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