Select box with search option jquery

Today i am show you how can we create simple select box with search option with the help of Jquery. There are several plugins available in google like select2, selectbox etc, But i found simple and best plugin for select box with search option its Chosen plugin. You can also use with bootstrap. I give […]

Simple social sharing buttons with counter

In this tutorial we are sharing simple best social sharing buttons with show counter of facebook and linkedin using jquery which are used to share posts and or display total fans in the sidebar widget with counter. Displaying social counter on certain parts of the website. If you want to add social counter on website […]

Simple Mobile Navigation Free Download

No doubt each and every website have mobile version of websites, so here i am introducing a very simple mobile navigation bar. This is very simple css and jquery light weight plugin of mobile responsive. HTML Code mobile responsive navigation bar <button id=”responsive-menu-button” class=”responsive-menu-button responsive-menu-boring responsive-menu-accessible” type=”button” aria-label=”Menu”> <span class=”responsive-menu-box”> <span class=”responsive-menu-inner”></span> </span></button> <div id=”responsive-menu-container” […]

Stylish accordion menu jquery

In this article we are showing you a very stylish modern stylish accordion menu with demo. ziehharmonika is a stylish jQuery plugin for including environment-friendly accordion fashion menu to an online web page. The concept behind ziehharmonika is to offer a light-weight and customizable interface for collapsible panels that may maintain any knowledge in a […]

What is the difference between jQuery and Angular JS

Here we are talking about difference between jQuery and Angular JS There are not have major difference between jQuery and AngularJS here first we are writing about Jquery and It’s features and then explaining AngularJS. What is Jquery? jQuery is a lightweight as well as fast and more features JavaScript Library that helps web developers […]

Simple responsive text slider css jquery

today each and every website using sliders, some of using image slider and some of using text slider with single background image but today most of website using text slider because of text slider have more benefit, text slider reduce the site loading time (We not using more images most of using only single image […]

Responsive photo gallery template free download

Photo gallery is a basic requirement of any web designer and developers, Today each and every client want to show team party, outing, dinner etc photos on website and when user click on thumbnail then should be open big image in popup(Full Image). So each and every developers looking for some easy pretty photo gallery […]

Rounded our skill css jquery template

A “skill bar” is often used in online CV’s/resumes to display your skills in different subjects, and today corporate companies also showing skill on website for that we can use this simple rounded our skill example using css and jquery. Today here i am creating a very simple attractive rounded our skill css jquery template […]

Simple bootstrap css jquery photo gallery free download

Today we are introducing a very simple bootstrap css jquery photo gallery using css jquery example is a best solution for your websites to show your photo gallery your website. This is very simple and clean Flat responsive photo gallery using css jquery using css, light-box Jquery. First we showing small images icons on mouse […]

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