PHP Script to password validation

<h3>PHP Script to password validation, accept only fix format such as alpha numeric</h3> Here we are writing php code of accepting password and checking password is in formatted form or not, you can also called applying validation on password using php. PHP code for password validation <?php error_reporting(0); if(isset($_REQUEST[‘submit’])) { $pwd=$_REQUEST[‘pwd’]; $rpwd=$_REQUEST[‘rpwd’]; $pwd=trim($pwd); $flag=”1″; if($flag==”1″) […]

PHP Script to accept only numeric values

PHP Script to accept only numeric values, numeric php validation, accept only number This article will teach you of PHP numeric value validation, accept only numeric values. Here we are taking html form in which we are taking input type text box and one submit button and here we writing php script for checking values […]

Php script to accept only alphabet’s

<h3>Php script to accept only alphabet’s</h3> This article will teach you about alphabetic validation in php, here we are taking a example in this we are getting input from user using html form, such as First name and second name. we are checking values entered by user which are alphabetic or not, if values are […]

how to do mysql database connectivity using php

how to do mysql database connectivity using php You should establish a connection to the MySQL database in php. This is an extremely important step because if your web page cannot connect to its database, your mysql queries will be fail. We have use Host name, User name and password for establish connectivity with mysql […]

Basic PHP Syntax

Basic PHP Syntax This Article will teach you of very basic syntax of PHP and how to start environment of PHP and show output. A PHP scripting always starts with . This is the standard code to start php environment. A PHP scripting block can be placed anywhere in the document. On servers can start […]

what is php

what is php PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and it can be embedded into HTML. PHP also known as a Server Side Scripting Language. This means all of the source code stays on a server not visible on the browser as well […]

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