php pdo queries statements select insert update delete

In last tutorial we discuss about PDO and how to create PDO connection file. In this tutorial i am going to teach you how to write down PDO query statements such as SELECT Single Row And Multiple Rows, INSERT, UPDATE Query And DELETE etc. SELECT QUERY USING PHP PDO Select table data into associate array […]

Php pdo database connection

Before working with database you should create connection with database other wise your queries will be not work or fail, if you are using mysql database there are 3 type of connection we can create: 1. Using mysql Database Connection in PHP 2. Using mysqli database connection in php 3. PDO (PHP Data Object) So […]

How to exporting the MySql table data into excel sheet using php

In This article we are going to explaining about how to downloading or exporting the mysql table data into excel sheet format using PHP mysql. Here we take a table “users” from this table we will select all the data according to our mysql query and generate a excel file according to that data and […]

Email verification system in php

About Email Verification System If you providing register and login feature on your website then email verification is very important whenever new user registered or signup on your website. Whenever a new user register on your website and you want to send verification code with link on his email id and if the user is […]

php mysqli conneection object oriented

Today we are show you how to create database connection with object oriented PHP features with mysqli type connection using php class and function. Here we are also going to display all the data of a table this table available in my local system database. We had done this before using a procedural way, but […]

How to copy and resize image using php

In this tutorial we are showing how to create new copy and resized existing images. Are you looking for image upload, create copy and Resize PHP script. This is for you, It is very simple PHP script to re-sizing image into different dimensions. It’s very useful to your web projects to save hosting space and […]

Modern Booking Form Shipping Inquiry form Template

Today we are introducing you beautiful Modern Booking Form Shipping Inquiry form after looking this form so say goodbye to boring old forms here is new way to interact with people online. Easily customize your form to collect the information you need. TEMPLATE INFORMATION : Template Name : – Beautiful bootstrap login and registration form […]

Multi Explode Multiple Delimiters Pass In PHP

In this tutorial we are showing how to explode string using multi delimiters in php. Here i we are writing two type of method to explode any string passing through multiple delimiters. Example 1. Php multiple delimiters in explode function multiexplode ($delimiters,$string) {     $ready = str_replace($delimiters, $delimiters[0], $string);     $launch = explode($delimiters[0], $ready);    […]

Short Upcoming Birthday MySQL Queries

In this tutorial we are writing MySQL query to sort upcoming birthdays based on current date, here writing three number of queries these may be help of to reach your result. Query 1. Upcoming birthday MySQL Queries $sql = “SELECT * ,CASE WHEN BirthdayThisYear>=NOW() THEN BirthdayThisYear ELSE BirthdayThisYear + INTERVAL 1 YEAR END AS NextBirthday […]


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