How to write HTML code inside PHP echo

Write HTML code inside PHP echo – There are lots of way to print HTML or use HTML within echo statement. With echos, if you wish to use double quotes in your HTML you must use single quote and if you wish to use single quotes in your HTML you must use double quote. Example […]

How to track website visitors location in php

Many times you have need to track the your website visitor’s location as per your web project requirement. In this tutorial we will show you the simplest way to getting current location of the user. Using only PHP, you can easily track your website visitor’s country, state, city, location, and zipcode and much more. The […]

Form Submission Using Ajax PHP and Javascript

In this tutorial i am going to share the most useful code use at today date Form Submission Using Ajax PHP and Javascript. Using this code you can submit the PHP web forms or web form data without refreshing the whole web page of your site, The JavaScript get() and post() methods are used to […]


What is PHP curl cURL ( Client URL library ) is a way you can hit a URL from your code to get a html response from it. cURL means client URL which allows you to connect with other URLs and use their responses in your code. Using CURL we can communicate with different type […]

How to implement google currency converter php

In this article we are writing How to implement google currency converter in php. There are lots of API available to convert currency, but here we are explaining about Google Finance Currency Converter. In Google Finance Currency Converter basically you have need 3 parameter required: From Currency, To Currency and Amount. Using these three parameter […]

How to run mysql queries in wordpress

At some point in your WordPress development career you may be presented with the need to write some custom mysql queries. Select Query Single row fetching $ures = $wpdb->get_row(“SELECT * F ROM `custome_users` ORDER BY `id` DESC”); $ures ->name; Multiple rows fetching $ures = $wpdb->get_results(“SELECT * F ROM `custome_users` ORDER BY `id` DESC”); foreach ($ures […]

How to remove wordpress logo from wordpress admin panel

How to remove wordpress logo from wordpress admin panel In the wordpress admin bar on the front and backend of the site has a wordpress logo on it with links to the forums and a few other pages. Here i am writing code for remove wordpress logo and their other links which are usefulness. You […]

Simple ajax php mysql login page

This tutorial will explain you, how to create a Login Script using Ajax with PHP MySQL. in this tutorial i am going to create a simple login form using php, mysql and ajax. in this tutorial i will explain you how to validate email and password. after submitted login detail form values send to main […]

Easy simple pagination using php and mysql

Pagination is simply a process of dividing your output contents in small modules and displaying them on different pages. For example,you can see Google search results where 10 to 15 search results are shown per page. Pagination make output more user friendly. Database Connectivity CODE <?php ob_start(); session_start(); $con=mysqli_connect(“localhost”,”root”,””) or die(mysqli_error()); mysqli_select_db($con,”practice”) or die(mysqli_error($con)); ?> […]

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