How to disable selection of text on a web page

If you are trying to remove or disable selection of text on your web page, This is simple and cool example for you using below CSS code you can disable web-page text. If you don’t want to user or reader copy your website content it will be help you once you copy and past below […]

Google Geochart show list of all countries with multiple colors

Tags: google sheets map chart, google geochart custom region, google geochart state example, geo chart maker, google visualization map, google sheets geochart with markers, google geochart city example, google charts with multiple colors, lis of all countries with geochart, geocart. <!doctype html> <html lang="en"> <head> <script src=""></script> </head> <body> <div id="regions_div" style="width: 100%; height: 500px;"></div> […]

List of companies and their Headquarters And CEOs in the world

List of Top 150 companies and their Headquarters And CEOs in the world: Here i am sharing List of Top companies and their Headquarters And CEOs in the world may be it will be help of you. Sr. No. Company Headquarters CEO 1. Apple Inc Cupertino, California, U.S Tim Cook 2. Accenture Dublin, Ireland Pierre […]

List of Top 15 Popular Search Engines

Today here we are introducing 15 Most Popular Search Engines in the world. search engine and internet means google, this funny but right some people open google for checking internet is working or not, most of peoples using google only? beside of google there are some other search engines that every day getting millions of […]

What Is A Landing Page Why It’s Important

What is landing page “Call it a PPC, an online advertisement, or a search engine result link, but when a user clicks on an ad or a link and visit or lands on a particular web page, it is known as a landing page.” A landing page is the focal point for conversion. This is […]

Enabling GZIP compression using htaccess

Enabling GZIP compression can help you reduce the size of your webpage, which can reduce the amount of time to download the resource of webpage, reduce data usage for the client and improve webpage speed. What is GZIP Compression? GZIP simply is a file format and used for file compression and decompression. GZIP compression is […]

How to increase website speed

Today website speed required more than ever before! As average internet connection speeds increasing every day around the world, web users are looking for fast load websites, they don’t want to wait for a second. At the same time, Google has stated give more priority to fast websites with higher positions in the natural search […]

How to redirect 404 error to 404.php page using htaccess

If you developing portal website, eCommerce website, tutorial website or any other in Core PHP than you also required 404 page, i got some request for regarding that, our 404 error page redirection not working, how can we redirect 404 error request to 404.php page, so don’t worry here a solution for you may be […]

What is the difference between jQuery and Angular JS

Here we are talking about difference between jQuery and Angular JS There are not have major difference between jQuery and AngularJS here first we are writing about Jquery and It’s features and then explaining AngularJS. What is Jquery? jQuery is a lightweight as well as fast and more features JavaScript Library that helps web developers […]

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