How to Create and get WordPress Custom Field

Here i will show you how to enable, create and get value of WordPress custom fields. WordPress custom fields, also referred to as post meta, is a feature in WordPress which allows users to add additional information when writing a post or add a page. WordPress keep or store this information as meta data. Users […]

How to add post from frontend in wordpress without plugin

If you’re looking to add new posts from front end without using any plugin into the WordPress and allow your visitors a way to submit some kind of content of their own, then here’s a way you can create a new post form and display it on a custom page template. Today, we are going […]

WordPress Websites Are SEO Friendly Or Not

WordPress is one of the most widely use Content Management System (CMS), lots of websites running on this platform. behind this most of reasons there, very popular CMS, easy to use, we can create each and every type of websites. The user friendly nature and its fluctuation are some of the main reason why WordPress […]

How to get last insert id in WordPress

In PHP, there is a method called mysql_insert_id for this feature. But, it is valid for race condition only if the argument is link_identifier of last operation. My operation with database is on $wpdb. How to extract the link_identifier from $wpdb to make sure mysql_insert_id work? Is there any other way to get the last-inserted-row […]

How to Change WordPress Email From Sender Name Email Settings Without Plugin

Do you know best things about WordPress not only CMS but it is an application framework, it comes with a huge selection of utility functions that make it easy to handle form helpers, validation, file structures, email encoding and much more. We can easily customize existing actions and filters with WordPress which allows you to […]

How to Create Custom Shortcodes in WordPress

WordPress Shortcodes come with version 2.5 after that we all of us have probably used them at one time or another. WordPress Shortcodes the right way for increase the functionality of WordPress, its saving your time on having to manually write code every time you want a specific function to be applied to one of […]

how to fetch custom post by tags in WordPress

If you looking for fetch custom post by tags yes is it possible to retrieve post entry for a custom post type by tag, I have been trying with the following code. <?php $CurrentTagSlugs = get_queried_object(); $CurrentTagSlug = $CurrentTagSlugs->slug query_posts( array( ‘post_type’ => ‘video’, ‘post_status’ => ‘publish’, ‘tag_slug__in’ => $CurrentTagSlug) ); if ( have_posts() ): […]

How to show most commented posts in WordPress

In this tutorial we are showing How to list most commented posts in WordPress using your custom query below code is there you just copy and make it your. PHP code for show most commented posts in WordPress <?php $popular = new WP_Query( array(     ‘post_type’ => array( ‘post’ ),     ‘showposts’ => 6,    […]

How to add post from fronted in WordPress Without Plugin

Today we are talking about world most used CMS (WordPress) 90% php developers familiar with WordPress because of WordPress very easy to use and we can develop any type of websites. Basically WordPress using for blog writing and we can manage our blog from back-end but some time user required guest post from your visitors […]


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