What is the difference between jQuery and Angular JS

Here we are talking about difference between jQuery and Angular JS There are not have major difference between jQuery and AngularJS here first we are writing about Jquery and It’s features and then explaining AngularJS.

What is Jquery?

jQuery is a lightweight as well as fast and more features JavaScript Library that helps web developers the usage of client-side scripting for web applications by using JavaScript.
jquery is a JavaScript library, A library is nothing more but only a collection of functions that are useful in web applications to perform tasks like DOM manipulation and HTTP requests, for example execute any file calling Ajax.

jQuery Features

  • Easily manipulate the contents of a web applications or webpage
  • Easy DOM manipulation
  • Easy Event Methods
  • Very simple to AJAX calls
  • Smooth Effects and animations
  • Apply styles to make UI more attractive

What Is AngularJS

AngularJS is a product of Google and it’s an open source MVC-based framework (This is the next generation framework).
AngularJS is a framework and the framework actually have the common functionality of the application, it calls code written by the developer and makes things happens. AngularJS is a great tool for building highly rich client-side web applications. AngularJS ramework is perfectly designed to work together in a truly interconnected way.

In comparison of features jQuery Vs AngularJS, AngularJS simply offers more features:

  • Two-Way Data Binding
  • REST API friendly
  • Routing
  • Unit Testing
  • Dependency Injection
  • MVC-based Pattern
  • Full Testing Environment
  • Server Communication
  • Reusable component(Directives, Custom Directives)
  • Deep linking
  • Form Validation
  • Animation support
  • Localization

Basic Comparison Between AngularJS and jQuery

jQuery and AngularJS both have some common features such as Unit test runner, animation support, AJAX/JSONP but they also have some differences.

  • AngularJS came with RESTful API whereas jQuery don’t have that feature.
  • AngularJS supports the MVC pattern whereas jQuery doesn’t support the MVC pattern.
  • AngularJS has the feature called Two Way Data Binding whereas jQuery don’t have that feature.
  • Deep Linking Routing is supported by AngularJS whereas jQuery doesn’t support that feature.

Which one is the best to use

I think now you know which one is the best to use, you should be understood both doesn’t replaces with each other. The real comparison of AngularJS with similar technologies including ReactJS, KnockoutJS, BackboneJS and Ember. JQuery is best suited for DOM manipulation while AngularJS is suited for web application development. So when you are looking to develop robust applications, then you can use AngularJS and in order to add more functionality and to perform DOM manipulation on the website, then go with jQuery.

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My name is Mukesh Jakhar and I am a Web Application Developer and Software Developer, currently living in Jaipur, India. I have a Master of Computer Application in Computer Science from JNU Jaipur University. I loves to write on technology and programming topics. Apart from this, I love to travel and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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