Google allows up to 25 people to co-host a Meet, making it easier to moderate

Google allows up to 25 people to co-host a Meet, making it easier to moderate

Google is a leading technology corporation in the world. It offers a large ecosystem of items that cater to practically all technological requirements. The Silicon Valley-based company is usually at the top since it is always updating to deliver the finest experience to its users.

The tech juggernaut has been updating Google Meet lately. In order to provide its users with a seamless experience and a secure manner of communication, the company has introduced a new feature to aid with moderation.

Google introduces 25 co-hosts

Large, unruly video meetings can be difficult for a single host to manage, especially considering the intricacy and functionality available in today’s video conferencing software. Now, Google’s Meet app has a solution with a new feature that permits up to 25 co-hosts in a meeting. They can split tasks like muting participants, launching polls, handling Q&As, and more, allowing users to focus on your core business.

Before the new updates, Google Workspace for Education subscribers were the only ones who could use the tool. It’s now available on all of Google’s Meet apps, including those for personal Google accounts, on desktop and mobile.

New controls for meeting hosts were introduced by Google, which can be extended to co-hosts. With the “quick access” feature, all hosts will be able to limit who can share their screen, limit who can send chat messages, mute everyone with one click, cancel the meeting for everyone, and manage who may join the meeting and how they can join. The latter allows users in the same domain to automatically log in.

For users in the same domain, “quick access” allows for automatic video call entry. If the feature is disabled, hosts must first join, and those who have not been invited must request permission to enter. Otherwise, the host must be the first to arrive and provide permission to anyone who has not been invited.

The “People” panel, the final feature, includes a search to let hosts easily locate participants if moderation is required. The new capabilities will be available on the web and Meet for Android starting next week, with the iOS version following at the end of the month.

In Other News

Upon recent inspection of the Google Playstore, we discovered an interesting trend. There seems to be a massive surge in utility apps such as phone clone applications. The increase in such apps is most probably related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has forced people to stay at home and as it prolongs people have started looking for solutions in apps.

Almost every mundane task has moved to the virtual realm hence it makes sense that people are looking for more convenient ways to solve their issues. We will have to wait and see if this trend continues or if it is just a mere fad.

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