Google Drive New App Makes Syncing and Backing Up More Easy

Google Drive New App Makes Syncing and Backing Up More Easy

Google is a giant in the tech industry. It has become one of the biggest cooperation and has an entire ecosystem of products. The tech mogul is known to adapt to consumer’s needs and provide the most premium products. Recently, Google is releasing the new Drive app, which will combine and replace the functionality of the Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync applications that are no longer available.

All-New Google Drive

According to Google, the new Drive software is intended to be a single client that allows you to quickly and simply share and sync your files across all of your devices and on the cloud. Home users have depended on the Backup and Sync app for syncing and uploading files over the past few years, while businesses have relied on the Drive File Stream software to manage commercial storage needs.

Google is now attempting to streamline its storage options with the new Drive app, which will consolidate both its existing home and corporate programs into a single piece of software that will work on both Windows and Mac computers.

The new Drive, according to Google, will include all of the best features of its previous solutions, such as the ability to upload and sync photos and videos to Google Photos and/or Google Drive, sync external storage devices with data from the cloud, and mirror content between the cloud and your local devices, making any potentially important files faster and easier to access.

The new Drive app will also include support for Google Drive shared folders, which were previously unavailable in the Backup and Sync app. The Google Drive app is also believed to include some type of scheduling interface with Google Meet and Microsoft Outlook.

Why do Users need to Switch Over ASAP?

Users of Google Backup and Sync will receive a warning in September informing them that they must switch to the Drive app to continue clone data, with the Backup and Sync app set to stop working on October 1.

While switching from one application to another might be inconvenient, the new Drive app combines the functions of two applications into one, so the move shouldn’t be too difficult, and it might even help consumers free up space on their taskbars and docks.

Google said the transition to the new Drive app will begin next week, on July 19, and users of Backup and Sync and Drive File Stream will get ongoing reminders and alerts throughout the summer.

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