How Get the value of checked checkbox

How Get the value of checked checkbox

Using JavaScript how to get the value of whatever checkbox is currently checked.
A check box in a form has only two states (checked or un-checked) and is independent of the state of other check boxes in the form, where radio buttons which can be grouped together under a common name.
Let us look at the HTML code showing two check boxes.

<title>How Get the value of checked checkbox</title>

<label><input type="checkbox" name="terms_conditions" id="terms_conditions" value="YES" checked> I Agree Temrs And Conditions.</label>
<label><input type="checkbox" name="email_noti" id="email_noti" value="ON"> Enable Email Notificatins</label>


JavaScript code for get values off checkbox

function TermsConditions()
    var terms_value=document.getElementById('terms_conditions').value;
    var email_noti=document.getElementById('email_noti').value;
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