How to Create Custom Shortcodes in WordPress

How to Create Custom Shortcodes in WordPress

WordPress Shortcodes come with version 2.5 after that we all of us have probably used them at one time or another. WordPress Shortcodes the right way for increase the functionality of WordPress, its saving your time on having to manually write code every time you want a specific function to be applied to one of your posts.
I use shortcodes within my blog to show ads boxes, featured images, dynamic URL and much more. Considering that I can do all this without having to type any code, it saves me a LOT of time just i was create shorcode and put at my reusable code.

Creating a Simple Shortcode in WordPress

Here we are showing you how to create your own simple shortcode in wordpress, it’s doesn’t take long time withing fev minuts you can create you shortcode. Even You don’t required to understanding PHP code, So here below few simple steps on how to build a simple shortcode in WordPress.

Example 1. Here we are creating primary function, it’s take care your primary logic of shortcode.

function ThankMsg() {
    return 'Thank you so much for reading! I hope it helpful for you, don't forget share and subscribe to our RSS feed.';

Hook into WordPress
After create function the next step is to hook into the WordPress system to associate the shortcode with this text. This is done using the add_shortcode method.

add_shortcode('thanksmsg', 'ThankMsg');

how to use that just type [thanksmsg] into your editor and WordPress will dynamically replace the text as needed.
In template php file you can use like that echo do_shortcode(“[thanksmsg]”);

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