How to Improve Traffic to New Website Doing Content Marketing

How to Improve Traffic to New Website Doing Content Marketing

If you wish to see your sales reach high limits, then make sure your website steers sufficient viewers. Any business with an online presence, be it a global e-commerce retailer, a local bookshop in London, or an escape room in Bangalore, needs creative and innovative ideas to increase traffic to their websites to generate conversions.  

The aim of this article is to provide you with sufficient knowledge about ways to effectively drive organic traffic to your website. Read on to know more!  

1. Know your audience! 

Before everything else, you need to know who your audience is. Demarcating your target audience will help you align your marketing and promotion strategies accordingly to get the maximum output.  

There are several website analytics tools available that you can use to get a proper analysis of your audience and what they are looking for.   

2. Research on keywords 

Your viewers on the web will be searching for relevant articles online with the help of keywords. Thus, for you to effectively drive the audience to your website, it is important to use proper keywords in your content. However, randomly stuffing your content with irrelevant keywords that break the flow should be avoided at all costs.  

Make sure that the keywords you use are not concentrated in one particular area but are rather evenly spread throughout.  

3. Let your content leave an impact! 

Simply creating and posting your content is not enough. It is further important to ensure that it leaves behind a deep impact on the minds of your readers. The creation of useful and memorable content can facilitate the reach and spread of your website immensely.  

Any good piece of content has clarity of intent, simplicity of language, and a straightforward approach to the subject matter. Make sure that your articles address the headline efficiently. Traffic on the web is bound to significantly improve once you start doing proper research before curating your content.   

4. Work on guest post articles 

In case you would like to spread awareness about your brand amongst people, then working on guest post articles can be highly beneficial. You can seamlessly boost up the traffic to your website by creating backlinks via guest posting.  

Research on relevant companies for whom you might be able to create content and approach them accordingly.   

5. Maintain your social media accounts 

In this digital age, creating and maintaining the social media accounts of your website is vital. Some of the basic ways that can help drive traffic to your social media accounts are as follows:

  • Post content daily or on a biweekly basis 
  • Use relevant hashtags with the captions of each of your posts 
  • Interact with your followers and/or audience and get to know their demands 
  • Use a link on your bio to update viewers on the latest content 
  • Change your cover photo to promote the latest contents 
  • Tag relevant influencers on posts to attract their attention 

6. Use of advertisements 

Advertisements using paid promotions and social media ads can be a helpful way to increase the traffic on your website. However, before opting for paid ads to promote and enhance the reach of your company, you need to define the budget that you are ready to spend.  

After this is done, you can then accordingly plan the amount of money you can spend on advertisements. By using ads like this, you can effectively increase the number of viewers on your website.  

7. Send email newsletters daily 

Sending out email newsletters daily to promote your content effectively can be a great way to increase the number of people who check your content. While reaching out to people by way of email marketing, make sure you keep these points in mind: 

  • Use catchy phrases on the subject and body of your email. 
  • Use a ‘click here’ or ‘subscribe’ button at the end of your email. 
  • Make sure the email is not too long. 
  • Create and design the email in such a way that it seems appealing. 
  • As most people would be opening their emails from their mobile phones, make sure that your email can be accessed easily from there.  

8. Reach out to influencers related to your field 

Reaching out to influencers can also help you to promote your content further. Influencers who work in any industry will always be eager to promote and share content that they think will be liked by people. There are a number of ways in which you can reach out to influencers in your industry. Some of them are given below: 

  • Start by tagging a particular influencer who your content talks about or references any of their works. 
  • You can request the influencer for a short interview session and when you post your content regarding the same, send them an email with the link of the post. It is more than likely that they will share your content with their audience. 
  • Go for paying the influencer to promote your website through their social media posts or blog posts.   

9. Engage with your audience actively 

To promote and hold on to your audience, it is important for you to actively engage in discussions with your audience. This can be done through Facebook group discussions or by answering the messages on your Instagram inbox.  

By doing this, not only will you be able to know your audience better, but you will also be made aware of how your audience perceives your website. Thus, to drive more traffic to your website, it is much-needed that you actively engage with your audience and build a community with them.   

10. Work on getting improved quality backlinks 

Proper and effective use of backlinks can help in driving organic traffic to your website. To acquire the top position in terms of search results, you need to exercise power and authority in your industry. Acquiring good-quality backlinks can help ensure people get to know about your website and thus increase your reach.  

As slowly top-ranking websites provide you with backlinks, that will help ensure the credibility and weightage of your website. In this way, you can gradually grow and spread your website. 


Digital content marketing has often turned out to be the make or break for many online businesses. Take a look at organizations such as Dollar Shave Club, Airbnb, and Honey. All of these businesses harnessed the power of effective digital marketing, focusing more on the social media aspect of it. 

If you want to consider factual data, here are some stats- effective digital marketing strategies gave Airbnb 13.3 million interactions and a spike in followers by 341% in 2015; Dollar Shave Club’s promo videos garnered over 24 million views, and the company got acquired by Unilever for $1 billion. The lesson here is to try out as many avenues of digital marketing as possible to find out what clicks for your brand. After all, it is a game of tests and trials, so stay patient, and results will follow. 

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