How to Make a Killer Logo: Tips and Tools

How to Make a Killer Logo: Tips and Tools

Coca Cola, Pepsi, Western Union… all those logos are recognizable, yet so simple. When looking at them, you think: it’s easy to come up with a memorable logo. Think again! Sometimes simplicity is a huge challenge. Behind a simple logo design, you should be able to see the brand’s uniqueness.

The logo will create the first and most important impression people have of your brand. If the customer remembers the logo, they will know your brand. That explains it: logo design is the most important aspect of your marketing efforts.

How do you make it outstanding? We have a few simple tips you can follow. Plus, we’ll suggest tools that help you design a logo even if you don’t have advanced graphic design skills.

1. Grasp the Vibe of Your Brand

If you want to create a logo for a brand of green tea, for example, you’ll focus on a few aspects: fresh, healthy, tea, calm, balance… Those are the things that convey the vibe of the product.

Maybe there’s an item or color you can connect with its ideology. Remember: each logo has a story behind it. Whatever elements and colors you choose, they should mean something to you. Apple’s logo, for example, conveys simplicity. It’s also a clever presentation of a “byte”.

Start with a brief brainstorming session. Write the words and concepts that come to your mind when you think about your brand. That will give you a nice starting point.

2. Do Not Copy Someone Else

Clearly, your logo has to be unique. It’s important to create a logo that one memorizes and relates to your brand. You don’t want them to confuse it with another brand’s logo.

Even when you do your best to come up with a unique design, the risk of plagiarism will be present. Once you have a few trial designs, you should search Google to see if someone else had a similar idea before you. If for example, your logo contains an elephant on a green background, you can search Google with the keywords elephant logo or elephant logo green (ooops, Evernote!). If you notice anything similar to the logo you have in mind, change the concept.

Keep checking until you come up with a version that’s completely unique.

3. Understand the Psychology Behind Colors

Color psychology is a real thing. Most people relate similar emotions to a particular color. Yellow, for example, is the color of optimism and innovation. Red means alert, sex, and energy. Green is related to these concepts: fresh, nature, organic and healthy, but money as well. Black is the color of power, and white means purity and simplicity. Purple is related to spirituality and wisdom.

Let’s take the example with the green tea brand again. You don’t have to opt for green, but purple would hardly be the color of choice for your logo. You could use yellow, white, black, green, and orange, depending on the impression you want to create.

4. Make It Flexible!

If you take a look at the logos of the most famous brands, you’ll notice they have evolved throughout history. Adidas managed to transform the three lines into several logos. They are different from one another, but you can still tell it’s Adidas.

Lin R. Wren, the Graphic Designer at Awriter, gives the advice:

‘You need to design a logo that’s relevant now, but is also flexible for changes’

However, you also need an element (such as the three lines of Adidas) that will remain recognizable for your future logos.

5. Keep It Simple

One word: Nike! It’s the simplest logo you know, but it works. It’s a good example to show that a logo doesn’t need to include the brand’s name.

The logo should repeatedly engage your audience. You can achieve that goal only if you make it simple, but unique and effective. That’s the hardest part of logo design.

Tools You Can Use for Designing a Logo

We’ll suggest few tools that are really easy to use. If you have an idea, you won’t have a problem designing a logo with the following tools:

1. Graphic Logo

You don’t have to pay for trying this tool, and that’s awesome. You’ll use all of its features for free, so practice logo design as much as you’re willing to. Once you come up with something you like, you’ll download the files for $19.99.

You can choose from various graphics and customize them along with the text. It’s hard to come up with a unique logo when you’re using premade graphics, but it’s not impossible. Play with them and you’ll be surprised with the result.

2. Logo Garden

Just take a look at the gorgeous logos created with this tool and you’ll understand how great it is. The best part is that the tool is free to use. You can choose from various symbols, shapes, text style, and other customization options.

If you like the design, you can download it for free. However, that will be a low-resolution version. If you want the high-resolution logo, it will cost you only $12.95. For that price, you’ll get a version with a clear background and you’ll get an option for unlimited revisions to your logo with Logo Garden.

3. Adobe Color CC

The previous two tools let you craft the design, but how do you choose the right colors? The theory of colors is more complex than it seems. Adobe Color CC makes it simpler than ever. All you need to do is choose the color rule you want to maintain (monochromatic, analogous, compound, triad, and few other options are available). Then, play with the wheel to get a harmonious color scheme for your logo.

Anyone can design a logo! All you need is a nice idea, which you’ll bring to realization thanks to the tips and tools we suggested above. Are you ready to make your brand recognizable?

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