How To Start Making Big Money With Affiliate Marketing

How To Start Making Big Money With Affiliate Marketing

1. What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a type of cooperation between the owner of a product or service (brand) and anybody (publisher) who is ready to advertise it on his platform (if you don’t have a website, you can still use forums, your blog, social networks, placing banners and text links there).

2. Why affiliate marketing is beneficial for both parties?

People who sell their products get a unique opportunity to grab a huge amount of traffic without investing in advertising. You pay partners only for real sales!

People who are willing to promote this product get a chance to start getting profit online without investments. There are dozens of free and paid methods to promote someone’s offers online!

3. How does an affiliate program work?

  1. The business owner registers in the affiliate program and creates a contextual link or advertisements that should attract buyers.
  2. Partners (for example, website owners) place ads or links on their resources.
  3. Users find these ads, get interested, and follow the link (this is how the publisher completes his task and attracts a new buyer).

To determine where the buyer comes from, the system uses a special referral link that identifies the publisher. Then, the system transfers a reward to that partner.

4. How to start earning on an affiliate program

Step 1. Choosing the right option

You should pay attention to the following:

  • The level of demand for a certain niche or product/service, its uniqueness and potential (the best niches in 2020 are: Health and Wellness, Wealth and Money, Romance, Gaming, Travel;
  • Product/service prices: sometimes, it is more profitable to sell less expensive, but highly demanded products for a lower commission than to sell expensive ones, that are less demanded trying to earn a bigger commission;
  • Payment scheme (CPS (Cost Per Sale), CPA (Cost Per Action), advertising partner networks);
  • Commission payment terms (single-level or multi-level affiliate programs, fixed commission or percentage, one-time or lifetime payments;
  • Size of commission: the minimum is 5%, the standard is 30%, and the maximum is 50%;
  • Cookie duration: sometimes the buyer just follows the link, but decides to buy the product in a few months. That is, the longer the cookie duration is, the more chances you have to get your reward for that buyer!

One of today’s most attractive affiliate programs is Weblium affiliate program. Weblium is a modern progressive website builder, that offers the following (compare it with the list above!):

  • A highly-demanded, FREE product – a unique opportunity to create a decent business site for absolutely free (a good alternative to Wix and other market giants);
  • Up to 50% reward (you can start making money using two platforms – First Promoter (50% of the 1st sale and 20% of all next sales and of all recurrent ones) and ShareASale (40% from the 1st sale of any of the packages offered + interesting bonuses; 45% reward for more than 30 sales/month or 50% reward for more than 70 sales per month);
  • 150!! days Cookie duration – you are guaranteed to receive your money even if you will decide to quit participating in the program;
  • Special instruments for tracking referrals and earnings statistics online using your personal account;
  • Useful promotional materials (Weblium specialists can create amazing promos for you if needed);
  • Discount coupons and many other attractive offers for webmasters;
  • An assistant that guides you through the essentials.

Step 2. Register for a program

And grab your referral link!

Step 3. Start promoting your affiliate link

You can do it in different ways, using:

  • A personal web-resource (blog/website);
  • Forums and communities of relevant topics;
  • Groups in social networks;
  • Contextual advertising;
  • Landing page created for a specific product.

All these methods are good, however, if you really want to start earning really good money, you can’t do without a site! 

The smartest way is using a landing page designed for a specific product/service, since it makes it possible to increase targeted traffic, attracting only those folks, who are interested in your offer.

So, having your own website for affiliate marketing will help you to:

  • Attract more leads;
  • Increase buyers’ confidence;
  • Make more money faster (and eventually begin to receive passive income);
  • Work with advanced affiliate programs (many good affiliate networks require that you have a good website to join their network).

We bet today everyone knows that using a website builder is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to create a website. However, there are many solutions, and you need to make the right choice.

Weblium is one of the most suitable website builder for this purpose. Professionally designed templates created in accordance with the latest trends in web design will help you get the perfect, really captivating website. The simplest (best-for-beginners) editor will help you create a website in a few days. For. Absolutely. Free!

And most importantly – you can use the advanced features to customize the design of each block of the template “from the inside”, that is, your site will be REALLY unique.

How to make income

Step 4. Get an income

The amount of money you will get depends on the number that was indicated in the terms of the affiliate program (check out the first step).

After about a week, you can start checking the statistics: how many visitors followed the link, and how many of them performed the action.

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