html body section

Definition Of HTML Body Section

  • HTML Body section is a main section of web page all contain that will be seen when the user loads the webpage.
  • HTML Body Is the middle part of file, in this section we define all text and elements which is to displayed on web page.
  • HTML body section supported all the contains such as text, hyperlinks, images, Special Character, lists, tables, frames, forms, Div, etc.It’s most important section to display web page.

Basic Body Tag

Tags Description
<a>Defines all type links such as internal link, external link and Subdirectory link.
<br />Use for the single line break.
<code>Use for the computer code on text base.
<div>Use for Block and the division section in a document.
<form>Use in HTML form for use in input documents
<frame>Use for defines the many individual part
<hr />Use for the horizontal line.
<p>Use for defines the paragraph in web pages or documents.
<pre>Use for the preformatted text.
<span>Use for defines a section in a web page or document.
<table>use for defines the table in web page or document.
<textarea>Use for the multiline text line in the form.
<li>Use for defines the list document.
Example : HTML Body Tags
<meta name="keywords" content="html body, html body elements, html body tag">
<meta name="description" content="HTML body Elements - HTML body tag contains like general information about page. All HTML body Elements.">
<title> HTML body Element Page. </title>
------ Body Data of your Page Write Here ------ 
<p>   ------ Write your paragraph here ------ </p>
<b> ------ Your bold text here ------ </b>
<a href=""> HTML Index Page </a>

Output Look Like That :

—— Body Data of your Page Write Here ————
—— Write your paragraph here ——
—— Your Bold text here ——
HTML Index Page

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