Html ordered list

HTML List’s Definition and Usage

  • In HTML there are three types of list ordered, unordered and definition lists. With the name itself you might be understanding that what is list.
  • It is the list of anything like. list of items, list of books.
  • You can list out your items, subjects or menu in the form of a list. HTML support three different types of lists.
  1. Ordered Lists
  2. unordered list
  3. definition list

Hope now you are clear about the List element. so can you create the list of items in the web page? if not, But don’t worry we are help you after learn this page you can can create any type of lists on the your web page very easily. So lets start!

HTML Ordered List Definition and Usage

  • The Ordered list is a list of items. The list items are marked with numbers not with the bullets. The numbering starts at one and is incremented by one for each successive ordered list element.
  • HTML <ol> tag specified Order list display list of item and its attribute help to change the type of order list. </ol>
  • The Ordered list starts with the help of <ol> tag and end with </ol>. list items are defined in between <ol> & </ol>. Each list item is surrounded by the <li> & </li> tag.
  • By default value of ordered list is “1”.

<ol> And <li> Tag Attributes

Attributes Value Description
type 1aAiI Arabic NumberLowercase alphabetUppercase alphabetLowercase Roman NumeralUppercase Roman Numeral
Start “Start_Sequence_Number” Define start sequence number of the list

Example : HTML Ordered list.

<title> HTML Ordered list Examples </title> 
<!-- Now we are using HTML Ordered list -->		
<ol type="1" value="1"> 	 
<li> Ordered list Arabic Number </li> 	
<li> Ordered list Arabic Number </li>	

<ol type="a" value="1"> 	 
<li> Ordered list Lower Alphabet </li> 	 
<li> Ordered list Lower Alphabet </li>	

<ol type="A" value="1"> 	 
<li> Ordered list Upper Alphabet </li> 	 
<li> Ordered list Upper Alphabet </li>	
</ol>	<ol type="i" value="1"> 	 
<li> Ordered list Lower Roman numeral </li> 	 
<li> Ordered list Lower Roman numeral </li>	

<ol type="I" value="1"> 	 
<li> Ordered list Upper Roman numeral </li> 	 
<li> Ordered list Upper Roman numeral </li>	

Output :

  1. Ordered list Arabic Number
  2. Ordered list Arabic Number
  1. Ordered list Lower Alphabet
  2. Ordered list Lower Alphabet
  1. Ordered list Upper Alphabet
  2. Ordered list Upper Alphabet
  1. Ordered list Lower Roman numeral
  2. Ordered list Lower Roman numeral
  1. Ordered list Upper Roman numeral
  2. Ordered list Upper Roman numeral
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