How To Install Composer In Windows

How To Install Composer In Windows

What is Composer

Composer is a dependency manager in PHP. Composer will manage the dependencies of your project by project basis. Composer will write the required libraries, dependencies and manage at one place.

Installation Process (Windows)

This is the easiest way to get Composer set up on your machine. First you have to download composer-setup.exe file.

For download composer exe file , Click Here..

Step 1:

After download the executable file run that file for install composer and the below screen will present

Installing Composer In Window Step1

Click on the next button and than below screen will present

Step 2:

Installing Composer In Window Step2

Browse the path and choose “php.exe” from “xampp/php/php.exe” and click next button.


If Setup prompts to create php.ini, allow it and click Next.

Installing Composer In Window Step3

Skip the Proxy URL settings, just click Next then click Install.

Click Finish once install is complete.

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