You Probably Don’t Know These iOS 15 Features, Tips, and Tricks

You Probably Don’t Know These iOS 15 Features, Tips, and Tricks

Apple’s iOS has been one of the most anticipated OS updates. Users had great expectations for the latest update and had been anxiously waiting for its release. Now, that it has been finally rolled out after testing it out, we can safely say that it is one of the most ambitious iOS ever by the Silicon Valley Company. While there has been an issue of battery drainage after the update has been installed but there have been no further issues.

We have gone through the iOS 15 update and picked out the best 20 features that you should know to get the most seamless experience on your Apple devices.

1. Lock a PDF Document with a Password

In iOS 15, Apple has included the ability to password-protect PDF documents. The only stipulation is that the PDF must be stored on your iPhone; you can’t lock documents on iCloud for whatever reason.

To access the PDF document, open the Files app, go to On My iPhone, and choose it. Then, in the bottom-left corner of the screen, hit the Actions button, scroll down below the sharing options, and tap Lock PDF. Users will be asked to enter and confirm their chosen passwords.

2. Copy a Tab Group’s Links

If you have numerous websites in a Safari Tabs Group that you wish to send to someone through email or Messages, you can do it by copying all of the URL URLs to the clipboard. To do so, open the Tabs Group, tap the group’s name at the bottom of the screen, and then tap Edit in the Tab Groups card menu’s top-left corner. Select Copy Links from the circled ellipsis next to the Tabs Group in question.

3. Shortcuts for Podcasts on the Keyboard

A slew of new keyboard shortcuts has been added to the Apple Podcasts app for iPad. Previously, the only keyboard shortcut for refreshing feeds was Command + R, but there are now a total of 17 keyboard shortcuts in the program. Space bar to stop, Command + Right Arrow to jump to the next episode, Shift + Command + Right Arrow to skip 30 seconds forward, and Option + 4 to establish double-speed playback are just a few of the new shortcuts. Hold down the Command key to show all of the available keyboard shortcuts, just like in any other iPad app.

4. Customize the Start Page of Safari

In iOS 15, Safari’s revamped Start Page is a one-stop-shop for all of your Bookmarks, Favorites, Frequently Visited Sites, Siri Suggestions, iCloud Tabs, Reading List, and Privacy Report. It also has several customizable features, such as the ability to choose your Start Page wallpaper. You can even use iCloud to sync the appearance of your Start Page across all of your devices.

5. Each app has its text size

You may add a button to the Control Center in iOS 14 that allows you to adjust the font size on the fly. Any modification you make affects the entire system, regardless of your preferences; however, in iOS 15, this is no longer a limitation, and the option can now be unique to a single app.

When you open Control Center’s Text Size picker, you’ll find additional options to apply the text size modification to the entire system or only the program that’s now open. iOS 15 will also remember your choice, so you may abandon the app to do something else and then return to it with the text size you selected for that app intact.

6. Make use of the Text Magnifier

Apple has returned a new version of the magnifying glass for text selection after it was removed in iOS 13. From a user’s standpoint, Apple’s decision to remove the loupe seemed unusual, as it made it more difficult to see where the cursor is under your finger.

It’s worth noting that the new magnifier is a little smaller than the original, but the fact that it’s back is likely to be appreciated. To bring up the magnifier and move the cursor within the text, simply press and hold your finger on any text input area.

7. Shelf View

Supported apps in iPadOS 15 now launch with a new Shelf View at the bottom of the screen. The Shelf shows all of the open windows for the current app, including any multitasking instances, so you may switch between them quickly. When you interact with an open window, the Shelf disappears, but you may get it back by long-tapping the app’s icon and selecting Show All Windows.

8. Updated Calendar Widget

Many iOS 14 users may be annoyed to learn that the square Calendar widget only displays the current day and any events, rather than the entire calendar month, which can only be seen in the larger 2×4 widget. This has always seemed like a waste of widget real estate, but iOS 15 introduces a new 2×2 widget that shows the entire calendar month with the current day highlighted. In a similar development, you may now use the color picker to make a calendar a custom color, in addition to the seven basic color selections provided by the Calendar app.

9. Quick Notes

Quick Notes is a new productivity feature introduced by Apple in iPadOS 15 that attempts to provide a faster method to jot down items on your iPad without having to navigate in and out of the Notes app. You can bring up a floating Quick Note window at any moment by swiping diagonally up from the bottom right-hand corner of the screen with your finger or an Apple Pencil, whether you’re on the Home Screen or within any app.

10. Customize your Memoji

Memoji now includes new personalization options that can be used in Messages, FaceTime, and other apps. There are over 40 new costume options to choose from, as well as three new outfit colors. For those with heterochromia, Apple has added the ability to choose a distinct hue for the right and left eyes, as well as three new glasses options.

New rainbow hat alternatives are also available, allowing fans to represent their favorite sports teams or institutions, as well as new accessibility options for displaying cochlear implants, oxygen tubes, or a soft helmet.

11.  AR in Apple Maps

Apple’s Maps app now includes a new AR mode that allows you to map walking directions onto the real environment using your iPhone’s rear camera, making it simpler to see where you need to go in congested locations and minimizing the need to look down at your smartphone as you go.

Simply start a walking path and, when requested, raise your iPhone to scan the structures around you. The AR mode will automatically display step-by-step directions, making it easier to get where you need to go, especially in instances where the directions are difficult. However, the AR function is only compatible with iPhones released after 2018.

12.  Weather Alerts

You must first grant the Weather app permission to always access your location (Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> Weather) to receive updates about the weather in your current location. Then, in the Weather app, tap the symbol that looks like a bullet list in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

At the top of the location list, tap Turn on Notifications. Press the circular ellipsis icon in the top-right corner of the screen, then tap Notifications -> Continue -> Allow if you don’t see the “Stay Dry” card. Finally, turn on the switches next to the locations for which you want notifications.

13.  Tags in Notes

When writing a note, you can use hashtags to organize it by tagging it with a term or phrase. You are free to use any tag you wish, such as #birthday, #exam, and others. A tag is added to the “Tags” area of the Notes app overview once it is created. Any of the tag names can be tapped to see all notes that include that tag.

14.  Activate the iCloud+ Private Relay feature

Along with iOS 15, Apple debuted the iCloud Plus service, which adds new capabilities to Apple’s paid iCloud plans. iCloud Private Relay is one of these capabilities, and it’s designed to encrypt all of the communication leaving your device to prevent data transfer by third parties.

Toggle on the button next to iCloud Private Relay in Settings, hit the Apple ID banner at the top, then pick iCloud -> Private Relay. When Private Relay is set, you can choose the default Maintain General Location option to keep local content while surfing or switch to the less geographically specific and more private Use Country and Time Zone option by pressing IP Address Location.

15.  Instantly Refresh a Webpage

Apple provides a reload icon in the address bar of its Safari browser for iOS. If you’ve just gone to a webpage and something hasn’t loaded correctly, it may be quicker to simply pull down on the page with a swipe gesture to reload it, depending on where your address bar is positioned.

16.  Disable Website Tinting

Website tinting occurs in Safari on iOS 15 when the color of the Safari interface changes to match the color of the website you’re reading around the tabs, bookmarks, and navigation button sections. The goal of the effect is to blend the browser interface into the background and provide a more immersive experience. It is, however, not universally adored. Fortunately, Apple included a setting to disable it.

17.  Enable Siri to Announce Notifications

Siri has been able to read texts for a while, but in iOS 15, the feature has been expanded to include all notifications. When Time-Sensitive alerts from apps are enabled, Siri will immediately announce them when AirPods / Beats are connected.

18.  FaceTime with Android Users

Create a link to a FaceTime chat that can be shared anywhere in iOS 15 to allow anyone, even if they don’t have an Apple device, to join a FaceTime session with you. Simply tap Create Link in the FaceTime app, name the link, then share it from the Actions menu. When the receiver clicks on the link, they’ll be taken to a screen where they may enter their name and join the conversation. They’ll have the standard FaceTime choices to mute their microphone, deactivate video, switch the camera angle, and leave the call once they’ve joined the session.

19.  Background Sounds

With the help of your iPhone or iPad, Background Sounds are designed to help you stay focused, relaxed, and minimize distractions. Balanced, bright, and dark noise, as well as natural sounds like the ocean, rain, and stream, are all available as Background Sounds. All of the sounds can be set to play in the background to hide unpleasant external or environmental noise, and they blend in with or duck beneath other audio and system sounds.

20.  Text Translations

Apple’s translation tool is now available throughout iOS 15, and it even works in conjunction with Live Text in photos. Simply use the selection tool to select some text that you wish to translate, tap it, and then tap the rightmost arrow in the popup menu to show the Translate option.

A card will appear at the bottom of the screen, scrolling up to reveal the translation beneath the selected text. In the Actions option that displays below that, you can also copy the translation for copying elsewhere, change the translation to another language, or hear the translation spoken aloud.

Summing Up

The aforementioned are just some of the features that come with the latest updates. There are numerous more to be uncovered hence if you like to know more then let us know and stay tuned for updates.

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