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how to create a mysql connection

How to create a mysql connection PHP 5 and older version use MySQL database: MySQLi extension (the “i” stands for improved) PDO (PHP Data Objects) Older versions of PHP used the MySQL extension. However, this extension was deprecated in 2012. You should establish a connection to the MySQL database. This is an extremely important step […]

what is the difference between session and cookie

What is the difference between Session and Cookie. A cookie is a bit of data stored by the browser and sent to the server with every request. 1. The main difference between a session and a cookie is that session data is stored on the server, whereas cookies store data in the visitor’s browser. Sessions […]

What’s the difference between include and require

What’s the difference between include and require. Both function the same but there is a significant difference.First up include or require are not a functions, they are constructs. It is therefore not necessary to call them using parentheses like include(‘php-file.php’); instead it is preferred to use include ‘php-file.php’. PHP include and require Statements Insert the […]

what is the use of echo in php

What is the use of echo in php Definition of echo in php Actually echo is not a function (it is a language construct), so you dose not required to use parentheses with echo. echo does not behave like a function. Additionally, we can say within echo we can pass more then one parameter. echo […]

php decision making

PHP Decision Making Decision making statements are used to perform different actions based on different conditions. You can use conditional statements in your php code to make your decisions. PHP supports following decision making statements: 1. if statement – if statement use to execute some code if a specified condition is true. 2. if…else statement […]

php operators and their examples

What is Operators in PHP Operators are symbols that tell the PHP processor to perform specific oration. For example, the addition (+) symbol is an operator that tells PHP to add two variables or values, while the greater-than (>) symbol is an operator that tells PHP to compare two values. PHP language supports following type […]

php string and their function

php string and their function A string variable is a group of characters, like “PHP String Operations”. we can initialize string variable using single quoted and double quoted. Single quoted strings are treated almost literally, whereas doubly quoted strings replace variables with their values. you can write long string in php There are no limits […]

php variables

php variables PHP variables are used to hold values or expressions as temporary. Variable is a memory location variable is a contain which is use to store or initialize single data. the data can be change according to requirement. A variable can have a short name, like a, b c, or a more descriptive name, […]

How to send HTML email in php

How to send HTML email in php When you send a text message using PHP then all the content will be treated as simple text. Even if you will include HTML tags in a text message, it will be displayed as simple text and HTML tags will not be formatted according to HTML syntax. But […]

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