Possible payment status values of paypal payment gateway

The most common status that I usually get is Completed and Pending. Common cause of Pending is the usage of different currency between buyer and seller, e.g: You sell in USD, buyer pay with INR, PayPal will mark the transaction as Pending and it will be cleared after a few day.

Here i writing some possible payment status values of paypal payment gateway

  • Canceled_Reversal: A reversal has been canceled. For example, you won a dispute with the customer, and the funds for the transaction that was reversed have been returned to you.
  • Completed: The payment has been made, and the funds have been added successfully to your account balance.
  • Denied: You denied the payment. This happens only if the payment was previously pending because of possible reasons described for the pending_reason variable or the Fraud_Management_Filters_x variable.
  • Expired: This authorization has expired and cannot be captured.
  • Failed: The payment has failed. This happens only if the payment was made from your customer’s bank account.
  • Pending: The payment is pending. See pending_reason for more information.
  • Refunded: When you refunded the payment.
  • Processed: A payment has been accepted.

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