Samsung reported to Launch ‘BTS Edition’ of Galaxy S20+ & Galaxy Buds+

Samsung reported to Launch ‘BTS Edition’ of Galaxy S20+ & Galaxy Buds+

Samsung Galaxy always arrives with stellar smartphones and devices and this time around too, the leading brand is keeping up with its tradition. Samsung is reportedly gearing up to launch the S20 variant next month. The limited edition of S20+ will be rolling out with the collaboration of a Korean pop band BTS. The phone is likely to be called the “S20+ BTS Edition” and is sure to turn a few heads. 

The partnership is expected to come out as a heavy hitter for the smartphone brand – with Mirror Purple BTS Phone and a specialized pair of Galaxy Buds+ in purple color too. Samsung will also incorporate its official backup messages app in the special edition for the secure transfer of text messages and other data. 

Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition Availability

Samsung via its official Twitter account, teased that the new special BTS Edition will be available from July 9. However, apparently, the release date may vary from country to country. The teaser depicts a box of the smartphone decorated with seven hearts, denoting the seven members of the South Korean pop band, and also carries the BTS band logo. The South Korean tech giant added that the pre-booking of upcoming Galaxy phone BTS Edition will commence on June 19, adding that it will continue till July 5.

Samsung Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition Specifications

The specialized edition will be at least available for the S20 base model. It’s unclear, however, if the S20+ and S20 Ultra will also be offered. The phone itself is a shade of purple that’s very close to the “Mirror Purple” found on the Galaxy Z Flip. Outside of that change in color, though, this is pretty much just a normal Samsung Galaxy S20 with a little bit design and software tweaks. More information will be out in the coming weeks.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ 

The new S20+ BTS Edition will unveil another matching accessory – the Galaxy Buds+. The buds in purple will take things up a notch. The case of the buds and touchpad of each earbud is purple. There is a BTS logo on the case and the left earbud, whereas the right one has the band’s heart shape. Isn’t it classy? 

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Bottom Line

BTS was first founded in 2010 in Samsung’s home country of South Korea. In the time since, the band has gotten amazingly well known the world over with an exceptionally steadfast fanbase. Now, it is quite reasonable to think that Samsung wants to take advantage of that fanbase, and tipsters say that they’ll sell quite a few of these as a result. Also, people who are enthusiasts about purple color and everything in purple, would simply love the Purple BTS edition.

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