Selecting data from more than 2 tables or three tables using mysql joining

Here i am writing mysql joining query for fetching data from three tables, Some time we looking for fetch data from more then one or two tables separately for that some developer using nested queries means query inside query but this is not right way to do this.
Here i taking three different name of tables such as 1. posts 2. users 3. category
Using that tables i am fetching data post detail, according to author id fetching name of author from users table and fetching category name from category table using category id, below is mysql joining query for fetching data from three tables.

Table one “posts”

id title category_id author_id
1 Post title one 1 1
2 Post title two 2 2
3 Post title three 1 2
4 Post title four 2 1

Table one “category”

id cat_name
1 category one
2 category two

Table one “users”

id user_name
1 user one
2 user two

MySql Joining Query

"SELECT, p.title, c.cat_name, u.user_name FROM posts p INNER JOIN category c ON ( = p.category_id) INNER JOIN users u ON ( = p.author_id)"

Result/Output of mysql joining query

id title cat_name user_name
1 Post title one category one user one
2 Post title two category two user two
3 Post title three category one user two
4 Post title four category two user one
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