Short Upcoming Birthday MySQL Queries

In this tutorial we are writing MySQL query to sort upcoming birthdays based on current date, here writing three number of queries these may be help of to reach your result.

Query 1. Upcoming birthday MySQL Queries

$sql = "SELECT * ,CASE WHEN BirthdayThisYear>=NOW() THEN BirthdayThisYear ELSE BirthdayThisYear + INTERVAL 1 YEAR END AS NextBirthday FROM ( SELECT * ,`emp_birthday` - INTERVAL YEAR(`emp_birthday`) YEAR + INTERVAL YEAR(NOW()) YEAR AS BirthdayThisYear FROM `hs_hr_employee` ) AS bdv WHERE `emp_birthday` != 'NULL' ORDER BY NextBirthday";

Query 2. Upcoming birthday MySQL Queries

I tried to get the upcoming birthday from a employee table, for the next 90 days. Using :

$sql ="SELECT * FROM hs_hr_employee WHERE emp_status = '1' AND emp_birthday >= DATE_SUB(CURDATE(), INTERVAL YEAR(CURDATE()) - YEAR(emp_birthday) YEAR) AND emp_birthday <= DATE_ADD(DATE_SUB(CURDATE(), INTERVAL YEAR(CURDATE()) - YEAR(emp_birthday) YEAR), INTERVAL 365 DAY) ORDER BY emp_birthday";

Query 3. Upcoming birthday MySQL Queries

$sql = "SELECT *, emp_birthday + INTERVAL(YEAR(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) - YEAR(emp_birthday)) + 0 YEAR AS currbirthday, emp_birthday + INTERVAL(YEAR(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) - YEAR(emp_birthday)) + 1 YEAR AS nextbirthday FROM hs_hr_employee WHERE emp_birthday !='NULL' AND emp_status='1' ORDER BY CASE WHEN currbirthday >= CURRENT_TIMESTAMP THEN currbirthday ELSE nextbirthday END";
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