Top-Tier SMS Backup and Restore App for Android for 2021

Top-Tier SMS Backup and Restore App for Android for 2021

These days, most users don’t give much thought to Android Backup until something goes wrong. Has your Android smartphone been stolen or suffered significant damage? Or thrown into a lake or body of water? All of these scenarios have a high likelihood of resulting in data loss. Therefore, it is usually advisable to make frequent backups of your data, including text messages, call logs, images, videos, and applications, to prevent your data from being deleted by mistake. Could you not put it off any longer? Text messages on an Android mobile device may be easily backed up using backup apps.

1. SMS Backup & Restore

SMS Backup & Restore is the most acceptable option for text message backup and restores software for Android devices. SMS Backup & Restore is the most acceptable option. Several aspects make this tool superior to others, including a large number of customizable options. This application is primarily intended for use on devices that run the Android operating system. SyncTech Pty Ltd is the company that created the SMS Backup & Restore App. Downloading and using this application is entirely free and available from the Google Play Store. As you get more familiar with it, you will be able to back up your messages and call history at any moment and restore them if necessary.

Using this sophisticated tool, it is pretty simple to Backup and recover text messages.

  • Backup of call history: This feature is not restricted to SMS backup; it can also backup call history from an Android phone.
  • Email backup: When using SMS Backup & Restore, it is possible to transmit the backup file by email. You may create an email and include the backup file as an attachment.
  • Free to download: If you are interested in this kind of application, you may download and use this App without spending any money.

2. SMS & Call Log Backup

SMS & Call Logs Backup is yet another SMS backup and restoration app for Android devices. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. This tool is supported by a plethora of features that are both effective and simple to use. The application’s interface is straightforward, uncluttered, and user-friendly, allowing users to go through it without difficulty. It is possible to depend on such an app to save a duplicate copy of messages in an XML file and restore them if and when required. It is free of charge; you will not be required to spend a single cent to use this App.

Easy to use: Because of its straightforward and uncluttered user interface, this App does not need the use of any particular computer skills. Download an app and choose either Backup or restore from the menu. Unlike many other Android SMS backup apk apps, you have the option of storing your backup files on the internet, unlike many others (Server). This feature allows the user to prevent the backup file from being accidentally deleted or corrupted by another app.

Backup file archiver: This App enables the user to archive a backup file to save space on their computer.

3. SMS Messages Backup & RestoreĀ 

SMS Messages Backup and Restore App is a handy app that enables you to back up and restore your SMS and MMS messages so that you may move them to a new phone without losing any information. With this SMS Messages Backup & Restore App, you can quickly and easily transfer all of your critical text messages from your old phone to your new Android smartphone, ensuring that you never lose any of your crucial text messages again.

This easy-to-use App recovers all of your phone’s text messages with the help of a powerful SMS backup helper. With this streamlined phone text transfer tool, everyone can quickly and easily backup their text messages. Transferring your messages to a new device has never been easier with this fantastic message backup assistance. With a few simple actions, you may enjoy the most excellent free transfer message backup option on the market today.

4. Backup your Mobile

Unlike other applications, Backup your Mobile is a standalone app. Developed and applied by “Artur Jaszczyk,” this Android SMS backup apk file is free to download. This application is primarily intended for Android smartphones running Android 4.0 or higher versions of the operating system. Sharing a backup file with others through the internet or using a file transfer app is also possible.

Using this App, you can easily backup text messages, SMS, and MMS messages, call history, Wi-Fi password, APNs, bookmarks, browser history, and various other information. Wi-Fi Password: This utility also provides the option of creating a backup of the Wi-Fi password in an XML file. This is particularly useful if you often forget your Wi-Fi password. The Backup made by Backup your mobile is highly protected and safe, thanks to 256-bit encryption technologies. Backing up your mobile creates a fully encrypted and safe backup thanks to the use of 256-bit encryption technologies.

5. My Backup

My Backup is yet another application for Android smartphones that allows you to save and recover SMS messages. One of the most useful mobile backup apps available on the Google Play Store is Backup Buddy. Your Android device’s data such as SMS, photographs, videos, music and other files may be safely stored on this application’s server. There are two different versions of this software available. You must upgrade to the pro version to have access to all features. Backing up and restoring files using USB OTG (On the Go) is possible with this utility. Connect the USB storage device and create a backup of your data. 

  • Direct Backup to computer: It is possible to save your Backup to your computer without first transferring it.

6. Super Backup Pro

Text messages may be backed up and restored with Super Backup Pro if you want to back up all of your text messages in one go. Text messages on an Android mobile device may be backed up with the help of such applications. This is a more handy and straightforward method of backing up and restoring text messages. However, for the time being, it is only accessible for Android smartphones.

  • Infinite Backup: By using Super Backup Pro, you may create an unlimited number of backups of text messages, phone logs, contacts, and bookmarks on your device.
  • Auto Fallback: This App can do automatic backups. All you have to do is specify the time when the device will automatically Backup.

7. Google Backup and OEM backup apps

Google backup is a service provided by Google by default for every device running on the Android operating system. A connection between this service and Google Drive allows you to save data from applications like call logs, photographs, and other files. There is no need to download any software to make use of this service. Nowadays, many mobile phones have OEM backup apps, such as the Xiaomi Mi Cloud service, the One Plus cloud service, and a slew of others.

Extremely simple to use: It is pretty simple to utilize this App; you have to activate sync. It will then automatically backup messages, phone logs, and app data whenever the device is connected to the internet after that point on. Fully cloud-based service: This service will not need any storage space on your device’s hard drive. The whole process is carried out through the internet.

8. Titanium Backup (root)

Titanium backup is a powerful SMS backup and restoration application for Android devices. It is available for free. In this tool, there are several sophisticated features accessible, which distinguishes it from the competition. There is just one issue with this utility, and that is that it requires your smartphone to be rooted to function correctly. The Backup at the system level is carried out by this App, as the name implies. Aside from applications and photographs, Titanium backup allows users to store up messages, call logs, and other information.

  • Convert any third-party app into a system application: This utility has the power to convert any third-party applications into system applications.

9. Simple Contacts Backup and Restore

Simple Contact is a fantastic tool to save and restore messages or contacts on your computer. In addition, the Google Sync app allows you to sync your messages and contacts with your Google account. Download this application from the Google Play Store and choose the messages and contacts you want to save on your device.

  • Free of charge: It is available for download from the Google Play Store at no charge.
  • Sync contacts with Google: It will back up messages and contacts to a Google account created on your device and is accessible from the internet.


The purpose of this essay is to aid you in resolving data loss issues on Android. If you lose important text messages, you may want to back up other types of data, such as video, audio, and so on. Preparing a backup using the top 8 applications is highly recommended in this situation. Backups are permitted for all SMS and chat kinds, including group conversations. Isn’t it incredible? Give them a shot right now!

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