Web solutions for small businesses

Web solutions for small businesses

Being present means selling more products. It is that simple. Reaching out to your customers is of the utmost importance. However, actually getting to your potential buyers is harder than it sounds. Marketing, traditional or digital, is a science that evolved many times, and things are rapidly changing every single second. At least if we are speaking of online marketing. Google algorithm is being updated as we speak, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Everything is changing, and keeping up with these trends… Well, it is hard. And especially if you are running a small business. Playing against the big fish, with a lot smaller capital can prove to be challenging. And that is a mild way to put it. On the other hand, every problem has a solution, and that is why we are here today. To provide you with the best web solutions for small businesses.

Online presence starts with a good website

Yes, being present on the web and reaching out to your potential buyers means that you will have to invest some money. One way or another. That is, if you are not able to code your own website. And if you are not – you will have to pay a developer to handle this task for you. Our advice is to look for an experienced developer that knows what he or she is doing. You can always change your marketing strategy. On the other hand, building a website for your brand should be a one time deal. Or, you can try saving money by hiring less experienced developers with lower rates, but it can prove to be a mistake. If things don’t work out, your website crashes, isn’t optimized, loads slowly – you will have to pay some more money to another developer who can fix this problem for you.

a laptop, a tablet, and some smartphones

You might need some assistance with building your website.

Check your score

Your site needs to be SEO-friendly in order for you to rank in Google searches. What does that mean? Well, you will want to rank well in SERP, because that will allow you to reach your customers, and the best thing – it is free. An SEO strategy, someone who knows how to make and apply one, as well as developing your website won’t be free; however, once you start ranking well, things will start to look up.

lines of code on a screen

You won’t have to pay for every tool out there, there are still some free ones.

You can use free tools such as Google Analytics or Google Search Console in order to inspect your website (if there are any bugs, if it loads slowly, if there is any other problem related to website development) and your audience. That’s right. Google Analytics is a free tool you can use to study your audience, their location, how much time they spend on your website, and more. It is a handy little tool that most expert marketers use on a daily basis; however, you can use it even if you are not one of them.

Make an SEO strategy that will help you rank

Ranking in Google search isn’t easy nowadays. It will take some time and some effort in order for you to rank highly (on the first page), however, if you do – it will boost your profits for sure. An SEO strategy can be made by an expert (and we advise you to consult one), but there are some pretty basic things that you can fix on your own. Meta descriptions, SEO title, H tags, image optimization  – you can apply some technical SEO onto your website even without much professional assistance.

a keyboard and a tablet

SEO will take some time; however, once you get some results – you will be surprised by the power Google has.

Spread the word

One of the easiest ways to reach new customers who will be interested in your products and services is by using the power of social media. We all use it on a daily basis, so you are probably quite familiar with it by now. Also, you probably know how important your brand reputation is for your business. That is why you should put some effort into creating accounts on every relevant social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,…). Also, don’t forget to make business profiles. They are not the same as the regular ones. Write a description, make your brand relatable, follow a few people and good things will start to happen. You might not reach millions by the end of the week, but by investing small amounts of money (on Instagram or Facebook) you will be able to promote your business without having to break the bank.


Another thing you’ll have to consider when thinking about web solutions for small businesses is hosting. Your business website will need to be stored somewhere (just like any other website out there). These services aren’t always free or cheap. That is why you’ll need to make a plan. There are many different options when it comes to hosting your website online (from shared ones to personal ones). Cheaper ones might work at first, but they won’t be able to hold your website once you get more traffic. Think about your business model and your plan for the future before making any final calls. Maybe you will need that dedicated hosting after all, who knows?

Think before making any final calls

Making a plan is something that will not only keep you sane, but it will also help you get organized, calculate your budget and create a much clearer picture of your wants vs. your needs. So, make a plan and stick to it!

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Nick Van Horn is a freelance author, dealing with topics mostly related to website development and marketing strategies. He works at frontecheu.com with one goal in mind – to help business owners develop their products, master their services and finally boost their sales.

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