What if you lose an AirTag

What if you lose an AirTag

How to return a lost AirTag?

Apple’s AirTag is a simple device that allows you to track items using the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or an iCloud account on any iOS device. The miniature device is quite useful to track valuable items such as bags or keys if they get misplaced. If you lose an object with an AirTag attached, any iOS device that goes past the AirTag can anonymously report the location of the lost AirTag to Apple, which will then be reported to you inside the Find My app. 

AirTag is a novel approach to track goods, and it includes strong security safeguards to prevent them from being used to track persons instead of personal goods. Apple may upgrade the capabilities and capacities of AirTag remotely because it is a service.

The following article explores the capabilities of AirTags and guides how to disable a suspicious AirTag.

How to uncover details about a lost AirTag

To let AirTag owners keep track of their lost devices, users will have to enable the location services on their iOS device and stay connected to either the cellular network or Wi-Fi. If an iOS is near a lost AirTag, the location of that AirTag will be reported back to Apple anonymously and then to the owner of that AirTag. However, it is worth noting that all of this happens in the background hence there is no guarantee that the AirTag owner got the location ping.

To ensure the lost AirTag owner’s privacy is protected, Apple doesn’t share their contact details with anyone. Users who find the misplaced AirTag get the owner’s name, the serial number, and the last four digits of a phone number or an email address (if provided).  The information provided makes sure that the item is returned to the actual owner for example asking the last four digits of their number or serial number.

Since the AirTag works with NFC, it’s simple to access this webpage with AirTag information on an iOS device with NFC capability (iPhone 6 or newer) or an Android device with an NFC reader.

If your iOS or Android has NFC, simply follow these steps

1.      Tap and hold the white side of the AirTag with the top of your iPhone or Android device.

On iOS, tap the notice that appears (no notification will appear on Android). This will take you to an Apple-owned website with information including the serial number, contact information, and if the AirTag has been designated as lost, a note from the owner. This allows you to contact the owner and assist in the recovery of the lost item.

In case the aforementioned steps do not work, follow these steps on your iOS device

  1. On your device, open the Find My app.
  2. Then tap Items, then Identify Found Item.
  3. Hold your device close to the AirTag you want to recognize. A message should appear, prompting you to visit the webpage with further information on that AirTag.

How to stop a suspicious AirTag from tracking you by disabling it

Apple placed safeguards while designing the AirTag to prevent it from violating someone’s privacy or share data. Consequently, if you believe that an AirTag is exhibiting suspicious behavior, you can simply disable it.

If an AirTag that isn’t yours is spotted moving with you, your iPhone will display an AirTag Found Moving With You notification on the Lock Screen, which you may tap to play a sound on the AirTag in question. You can delay this safety notice for up to one day if the AirTag is on an item you’re borrowing. Additionally, if the AirTag is part of a Family Sharing group users have the option to disable the safety feature until further notice.

However, if it is none of the above scenarios and you believe the AirTag is suspicious you can simply disable it.

  1. Find the AirTag you want to disable and disable it.
  2. On the rear of the AirTag, press down and twist counterclockwise.
  3. Remove the battery by removing the lid.

Once the above-mentioned steps have been completed, the AirTag will not work even if a new battery is placed. Because an AirTag is protected using Activation Lock, similar to iOS, once it is placed in Lost Mode, it can only be re-registered with Find My by the original owner.

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