How to Create and get WordPress Custom Field

Here i will show you how to enable, create and get value of WordPress custom fields.

WordPress custom fields, also referred to as post meta, is a feature in WordPress which allows users to add additional information when writing a post or add a page. WordPress keep or store this information as meta data. Users can easily display this meta data by using get_post_meta() function.

How to enable WordPress custom fields

Do you know WordPress custom fields are hidden by default. If you want to make the custom fields visible on your post edit screen, then you need to click on Screen Options button on the top right corner of your admin screen. In the menu, simply check “Custom Fields” checkbox.

How to Enable WordPress Custom Field

How to create new WordPress custom field

After make visible custom field scroll down to edit post page below editor custom filed tab is there, inside tab below add custom field button one small blue color text visible “enter new” click non that give name and value press add custom filed button.

How to Get WordPress Custom Field

How to get value of WordPress custom field

You can easily display this meta data by using get_post_meta() function.
Here i am create custom field with the name of “subheading”.

$subheading = get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), 'subheading', true );
if(!empty($subheading) && $subheading!="")
	echo '<h2>'.$subheading.'</h2>';

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