WordPress Websites Are SEO Friendly Or Not

WordPress Websites Are SEO Friendly Or Not

WordPress is one of the most widely use Content Management System (CMS), lots of websites running on this platform. behind this most of reasons there, very popular CMS, easy to use, we can create each and every type of websites.
The user friendly nature and its fluctuation are some of the main reason why WordPress is so popular in the world of web development. There is some people saying that WordPress sites are good for SEO and it’s themes comes automatically SEO friendly that help them rank better in search engines. But it’s completely wrong to have such a notion and like all other website a lot of SEO work is needed to make it search engine friendly.

WordPress By Default SEO Friendly Or Not?

WordPress sites are very user friendly like we mentioned earlier and requires very little amount of coding and customization knowledge making it easier for a wide range of people to use it without much problems. However it does not do automatically SEO of website.

By Default WordPress Websites Are Slow or Not

Oh This is right WordPress websites by default are slow and a lot of page speed techniques are needed to be implemented to make it faster. Also its permalink structured are not optimized by default and needs manual intervention. In SEO both page speed and permalinks are of importance.

SEO Optimized Themes Doesn’t Mean SEO Friendly

Another huge factor contributing to the success of WordPress platforms is the availability of a wide range of themes. Many of these themes claim to be optimized for SEO by default but the most important optimization in terms of SEO is the quality of the content that the website carries. A lot of importance is given to the quality of the content these days by Google Algorithm hence the site needs to be optimized for its content to have a better ranking with search engines. Other factors such as speed, code, responsive, and Schema data are also needed to have a SEO friendly site.

Hence it’s important to understand that a WordPress site does not guarantee SEO friendliness automatically but they still need to be optimized for SEO performance.

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