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5 SEO hacks that will boost your search engine rankings

Pretty much all of us use Google every day. In fact, people use it so much, that there are over 5.4 billion searches every day. That’s why it has over 90% of the search engine market share in the whole world. Also, that is why SEO (search engine optimization) is so important. If you have […]

How to advertise your business online

So, you’ve done the hard work, suffered through the long sleepless nights and finally made it. Congratulations! Having your business up and running at whatever age feels like an enormous accomplishment, well, because it is. All that’s left to do now is flaunt your success and make it even greater by doing so. You can […]

Online Directory Software – Local Business Directories Application

Project Name: Local Business DirectoryTechnology Implemented: Apache ServerLanguage Used: PHP CodeIgniter-3Database: MySQLUser Interface Design: BOOTSTRAP, HTML, CSS, CSS3, AJAX, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPTWeb Browser: Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE8,OPERASoftware : XAMPP Server A project on Business Directory using Apache server and MySQL 5.62 developed. Business Directory system divided into two modules. Admin module User module Admin Module Profile: […]

20 awesome css3 hover effects social icons

You can see social icons are available on every website design keeping social icons on website is good practice. Follow us on social media, Share on social media like that all website have social icons and punting mouse hover effects on icons, images and text are giving amazing feel. So in this post we pick […]

How to cope with the challenges of moving abroad for work

Many people decide to work abroad in order to make their lives better. Furthermore, it is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your horizons, experience new cultures, and enrich your life. However, living as an expatriate is accompanied by many challenges, and not all of them are so easy to overcome. From my own experience, living […]

Pagination in CodeIgniter With Search Query

I got inquires from readers about pagination in codeigniter with search or pass multiple query string in url. So today i am going to explain you how to create simple query string or search pagination with the help of codeigniter exist pagination library. Why we need pagination You know we implement pagination while we need […]

How to Add Post Thumbnail to RSS Feed in WordPress

In this tutorial, I will show you how to add post thumbnail to rss feed in WordPress using very simple few line of code without using any plugin. This code working fine for add WordPress featured image RSS feed address. This will take just few minute. First we need to add some code to your […]

All Full Forms Related to Database

Today here i am sharing complete list of database terms full forms that’s may be help you. What is the full form of DBMS? Answer: Database management system What is the full form of DBA? Answer: Database administrator What is the full form of SDL? Answer: Storage definition languages What is the full form of […]

List of Free Business Directories

if you want to get business listed into search engine? Submitting business on popular directories is a best way to potential customers. Here we are wring list of top free business directories their you can add your business get quality backlinks, increase your business and website traffic. Enjoy this list of free business directory sites […]

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